Jennifer Renee Colwell Cops to Setting Ex-BF's Gifts Ablaze and Tossing Them at Lingerie Store

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We were just talking about this lady the other day in a post about Intimate Obsessions running into resistance trying to open a lingerie shop in San Clemente. Jennifer Renee Colwell pleaded guilty Tuesday to setting afire sexy gifts her ex-boyfriend bought at the Intimate Obsessions in Dana Point and throwing them at the store. She was sentenced to six months in jail.

In that most recent post ...

Intimate Obsessions Finds an Obsession to Prohibit Planned "Sex Shop" in San Clemente

... a reader observed that Colwell had been in jail since her arrest on June 21 on a warrant for failing to show up at a court hearing. Jail records bear that out, so she may get kicked sooner rather than later thanks to time served.

The 43-year-old put the items her ex- bought her in a pillowcase that she soaked with gas, set ablaze and threw at the shop at 34183 Pacific Coast Highway around 12:30 a.m. last Oct. 2. Unfortunately for her, an Orange County sheriff's deputy witnessed the toss, and Colwell was tossed into the deputy's cruiser.

She was apparently distraught over the failed relationship, not the poor, innocent store.

Jennifer Renee Colwell, Accused of Torching Dana Point Lingerie Store in Fit Over Ex-Boyfriend, is Finally Wanted by Someone

Colwell copped to recklessly causing a fire of a structure, a felony. A felony count of arson of property was dismissed. After her release, she will be on formal probation for five years.

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949girl topcommenter

I don't understand why she threw the pillowcase at the lingerie shop.  Obviously the woman was upset and it probably felt good to burn the items but why not set them on the ex-boyfriends door step?  I mean she is already committing a crime so why not go directly to the source!?


@949girl So you are really going to try and bring sanity into this? Good luck with that, you can't upgrade crazy my friend or figure out why stupid is as stupid does. 

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