Jeffrey Scott Jones, Alleged to Have Raped 13 y.o. Girl, Married 3 of His Students: Court Filing

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Jeffrey Scott Jones, a 53-year-old Huntington Beach resident accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old relative, taught for three decades at Bell High School, Gahr High School in Cerritos and Libra Academy in Huntington Park. One thing case watchers want to know is how he survived background checks by Libra and the school districts of Bell and Cerritos. Red Flag No. 1 would have been his marriages to three females he apparently began relationships with when each was an underage teen student of his.

The Weekly has obtained a March 2011 court filing by Nancy Jones, who was represented by the Irvine Law Office of Brown & Dahan, seeking spousal support, reimbursement for expenses she claimed to have paid during their four-year marriage and other financial considerations. She claims she discovered after marrying Jones that he was already married to another former student, who was 14 when she met him.

A key part of the trial brief's history section (with my bold for emphasis):


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