Dana Rohrabacher Sides Against Big Brother Expansion in NSA Surveillance Vote

All aboard!
We have to admit Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's Tequila-sponsored Kookville Express No Soul Train occasionally--accidentally?--finds a depot located in reality and, by gosh, mark this July as one of those rare, historic moments.

Last week, Rohrabacher--Orange County's senior, career politician--voted to limit massive government electronic snooping into the lives of all American citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA).

But the House voted 217 to 205 to block efforts to restrict the NSA's domestic data collections.

Though the majority of Republican representatives sided with Big Brother-expansion, Rohrabacher was one of 94 Republicans who joined 111 Democrats to argue otherwise.

Using his Twitter account in the aftermath, the Costa Mesa Republican said the "motive" for his vote was because "dramatically expanding [government] power to spy on honest citizens [is] not the way to protect us."

He also wrote that he doesn't want to limit the NSA monitoring of terrorists, but "voted to limit what it can to monitor honest citizens."

He added that "giving so much power to our gov lays the foundation for tyranny, even if those in charge now R benevolent, which is debatable."

Those joining Rohrabacher in his vote included regional Democrats Loretta Sanchez, Linda Sanchez and Alan Lowenthal.

Local Republicans siding with the NSA were, not surprisingly, Ed Royce and Darrell Issa.

Irvine Republican John Campbell, who recently declared he will not seek re-election, did not vote.

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He's a bought & paid for political hack.  He does nothing for anyone but himself and anyone else willing to drop cash on his lap.  Please wake up coastal OC and kick this has been out.


Dana counted votes and realized that his desired outcome could be had even if he voted the other way.  So he did, and people are fooled into believing that he did the right thing.


paullucas714 topcommenter

Every now and the Dana R does something right.

18usc241 topcommenter

@paullucas714 Agreed. But wondering what he would've done if Bush JR. was still President. 

Glad to see Loretta Sanchez doing the right thing. Hopefully, my emails describing her police community as criminally insane helped.

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