Attacking Coyote Almost Changes Little Girl from Visitor to Occupant of Cypress Forest Lawn

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A 2-year-old girl is up and around today after a coyote bit her leg and dragged her away from her mother visiting Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress last week.

Traps were set up and three coyotes were later shot and killed at the cemetery at 4471 Lincoln Ave. out of fears the scavenging animals were just doing what they normally ... er ... I mean ... because of the grave public safety threat.

The incident with the toddler happened Thursday afternoon, when the girl was playing only 10 feet away from her mother who was visiting her grandmother's grave. The coyote first bit the girl and then tried to drag her into the bushes--proving yet again that the dingo is not the only creature who takes your babies.

The girl was treated for rabies and a 2.5-inch gash on her leg last week. She was reportedly up and around and in good spirits today. But you can catch a whiff of please-don't-sue-us-ness in a statement from Ben Sussman, Forest Lawn's vice president of community relations and media management: "We deeply regret that it occurred and hope for a speedy recovery for the child."

Besides the traps and killings, the cemetery has posted warning signs about coyotes being spotted on the property. That's spotted as in being seen, not spots on Wiley E.

This is apparently the first reported coyote attack on a person in Orange County so far this year.

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949girl topcommenter

I was watching the news last night and I think the family has hired an attorney.  How can they really potentially sue over a coyote coming on to land that used to be their home?   I really hope they don't try and sue.  I would say keep an eye on your kids but you'd think that you wouldn't have to watch your kids like a hawk at a cemetery and instead just chalk this up as  an unfortunate freak accident and accept that.  Now I'm sad that 3 coyotes were killed when they were just out living their lives looking for food in land that used to be theirs.  We have a homeless baby coyote living at our office complex in Costa Mesa (I'm guilty because I've left food out for it) and the office building manager said that there isn't anything they can do about it.  I'm not going to sue if it does anything to my dog or me! 


 "But you can catch a whiff of please-don't-sue-us-ness in a statement". Really?  Who would you sue . . .Mother nature? Coyotes are prevalent in Orange County, and the PETA folks sure don't want you to control the population of the urban Coyote. I see coyotes daily. And they are no longer shy and retiring. They are  aggressive.  I am always amazed at the media, bottom-feeder attorneys, and the general public, who are looking for "who's gonna pay" when an act of God occurs. There is no "money fairy" people . . .Wake up! You and I pay for these ridiculous lawsuits in increased costs for goods and services. Here's an idea  . . Personal Responsibility, where in the hell was the mother when the Coyote grabbed her daughter?


@949girl - I agree the family should not sue the cemetery. They should be thankful they rescued her before she was dragged into the bushes and killed and eaten by the coyote and the other two coyotes nearby (since coyotes hunt in packs).

As for you, please, please do not feed the baby coyote in your office complex. That baby coyote will be full grown in a year and even though you say you wouldn't sue if it does anything to you or your dog, consider the harm it may do to others?  Don't believe me?  Here's what the experts at UC Davis have to say:

Never intentionally feed or provide water to coyotes, as this causes them to quickly lose their fear of people and become aggressive. Anyone who intentionally feeds coyotes is putting the entire neighborhood’s pets and children at risk of coyote attack and serious injury.

Also, I don't buy the "they were here first" argument. As I understand it, humans and coyotes arrived at the same time.  This is from the Rhode Island Fish & Wildlife:

The range expansion of the coyote in North America is well documented. Coyotes followed settlers and prospectors westward, feeding on dead horses and livestock as well as in garbage dumps along travel routes.

Coyotes are wild animals that belong in the wild to feed on mice, rabbits and deer. Please do not encourage them to come into our neighborhoods.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

@sampson2100 Hey, everyone, the attorneys could never do anything without JURIES.  When you read of $1,000,000.00 awards, some group of 12 citizens did it, not the attorney who filed the case.  Your lesson:  volunteer for jury duty and hold out for your beliefs.

949girl topcommenter

@moonstruckgirl @949girl I agree with you.  I only fed the coyote twice because it was very small and super skinny but then realized we don't need a full sized coyote living here. 


@949girl @moonstruckgirl  That's good to hear. I wish more people would come to this understanding and learn that it's not okay to "feed the (wild) animals."   Thank  you!

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