Gay Couple Wants YOU to Fund Their Wedding

The happy couple
Cesar Hernandez-Topete and Miguel Munoz Topete Hernandez of Long Beach celebrated Prop 8's Supreme Court defeat by running out and getting a marriage license.

Now, they want you--yes, you, sitting there staring into the screen (Whassup with the other hand?)--to help fund their wedding.

They are billing themselves as the first couple to use social media to crowdfund a same-sex wedding. They don't need a lot, at least based on the cost of ceremonies these days. Their page, which had raised $355 when I just checked, has a goal of only $2,500.

To make a 90-day expiration date for donations, the couple has set a Sept. 20 wedding date. And to, uh, sweeten the deal, they are offering a free cake pop through their online business to anyone who gives $25 or more.

Having met over a dinner date four years ago and then entering a domestic partnership on July 13, 2012, they consider anything beyond wedding expenses that rolls in as icing toward fulfilling another shared dream: adopting a child.

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JBinOC topcommenter

What I just want to know is, which one is the 'original' Topete?  

That's something this Supreme Court decision never sorted out.  

Only if, like, Teddy Roosevelt married Franklin D. Roosevelt, would this not be an issue. 


WTF, hey I am all for marriage. But pay for your own damn wedding like most of us did!

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