Protest Set for Annual National Gang Violence Conference in Anaheim

A bit on the macabre side...
Members of statewide law enforcement organizations and federal agencies are currently attending training sessions on gangs at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. The 22nd Annual Gang Conference started yesterday and will end on Friday, but not before police brutality groups plan to stage a protest outside.

The conference is really a two-for-one set up with the California Crime & Intelligence Analysts Association (CCIAA) partnering up their annual effort with that of the California Gang Investigator's Association (CGIA). National government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are also a part of the week's events.

Information about the four-day conference is limited as the link for the tentative schedule of classes from the CGIA's website is down. The flyer for the gathering states that "Training will explore approaches in enforcement and prevention," going further to state that it "will be the most current and relevant available in the nation." Subjects include Mexi gangs, black gangs, gang injunctions, crime analysis, intervention and prevention techniques to name a few.

As officer-involved shootings by the Anaheim Police Department and the city's gangs gained attention last summer when days of rage transformed into clashes in the street, a number of grassroots activist groups from OC to Oxnard will take the opportunity to denounce police brutality right outside the conference. "My main concern is gang injunctions," says Albert Castillo, co-chair of Chican@s Unidos. "It basically puts a militarization zone in that area. We're trying to put a stop to that."

"They have come to ground zero, Anaheim. For them to come out here and find ways to spread injunctions nationwide is wrong."

With that, Chican@s Unidos, United Survivors of Anaheim, Law Enforcement Accountability Network (LEAN), Guerreros de la Trinidad, and Colectivo Todo Poder Al Pueblo are set to assemble outside the Marriott near the city's Convention Center tomorrow beginning at 8 in the morning right on through to 1 p.m.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel and true to Anaheim form, discounted Disneyland tickets will be available for purchase at the conference to all interested participants...

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First off, maybe 3% of cops are thugs. With that in mind there are a lot of PO-lice, so one would expect a few bad apples regardless of what we, society, would expect from the folks who protect and serve. Comparing police to gang members is just, well, ignorant. Keep in mind there are many minorities in law enforcement, so the whole KKK rant is a joke, old and tired. Grow up. You're living in a fantasy world and most intelligible people know that there isn't a puppet master or anyone else in law enforcement pulling the strings. Gang injunctions are a necessity and most of society supports them, I do. Gangsters are ripping the fabric of America apart and it's time that someone paid attention to the murders, drug dealing, extortion they commit on a daily basis. I could go on and on but I don't need to cause the writing is on the wall.

18usc241 topcommenter

Dear local police /Sheriffs departments of Orange/LA/San Diego counties, FBI, ATF etc etc: 

As a direct result of your criminal racism and stupidity (which led you to treat an Hispanic American man who was risking his life working on engineering surveillance projects in Bogota, Colombia as if he was a gang member): the following observations will also be "available in the nation" ie the American people.

That one or more organizations at this conference can't possibly give a damn about gang member crime (or crime in general) because they are using these sorts of criminals to commit crimes against citizen/residents here. 

That all the organizations at this conference regularly commit the crimes of harassment and intimidation via your cops/deputies and the aforementioned civilian trash element. 

That one or more organizations at this conference use the aforementioned civilian trash element to damage people's property. 

That one or more organizations at this conference use the aforementioned civilian trash element to render the concept of the safety and security of one's home mute. 4th amendment down the toilet. Ring any bells FBI director Robert Muellar? 

That one or more organizations at this conference with premeditation and malice-of-forethought destroy the reputation of American citizens. That your skill of deliberately harming people while hiding behind the badge is your most finely honed skill as officers. 

That one or more organizations at this conference have committed attempted murder in Orange County while in your capacity as a law enforcement organization. And by default, if I witnessed a cop flee the scene of my attempted murder, it means that you have deliberately murdered people in this County in the past. 


Have fun at your hypocritical conference pretending to be "concerned cops" when you are as sick in the head as any gang member. At least gang members are not so lost in the head that they would appear at a city council meeting expecting awards and commendations for their disgraceful life of destruction. Heck, even Bernard Madoff didn't try to physically kill someone in order to keep his trailer trash of a life going. 

And how disgracefully appropriate that the "California Gang Investigators Association"  has as it's symbol a grim reaper/headstone and the word "gangs" buried in the ground below the headstone. This is exactly what some members of Orange County law enforcement are: criminally racist murdering morons who occasionally do something right in order to mask the other personality. And trying to hide behind minority cops/civilians to do your dirty work for you or making Hispanic cops police Chiefs won't be enough to hide your disgusting crimes.

PS: The only thing missing from the "California Gang Investigators Association" symbol is a Ku Klux Klan hood. Very professional looking 21th century US police organization symbol morons.  

18usc241 topcommenter

@hallucinogen Based on my over 15+ years of unsolicited experience on this topic: 

Your 3% number was pulled straight out of you no where. 

I've witnessed hundreds of police officers since the 90's in Orange County CA violate their oath and harass a person for a ham and cheese sandwich - either because they're crooks who enjoy the "bully rush" or because they are oath violating cowards afraid to say no due to reprisal. 

When law enforcement employs civilians to commit crimes against a target, it makes the offending agency morally equivalent to a gang - worse actually because presumably they are supposed to know better. Again, garbage behavior that I have personally witnessed. 

Again, hiding behind the skirts of the minority component of your police force in order to put lipstick on sick behavior. This Hispanic American man was not impressed by this in the 90's or the first 2 decades of this century. 

No one mentioned "puppet master" or "conspiracies" so perhaps you're the one in fantasy world - better known as "straw man argument" world. This is just a matter of an endless number of criminal leadership idiots in Orange County law enforcement who thought that the cities of Garden Grove / Anaheim were 18USC241 / civil rights free zones. People who as adults were never able to get over their mental problems with MLK and the civil rights movement - who mistakenly thought that they would enforce/break the law as they saw fit. No conspiracy there - just a whole lot of STUPID people who should have never been given the job of law enforcement officer. 

No one is arguing that violent gang members shouldn't be captured / prosecuted etc. Again, arguing a point that I did not make. I am arguing that criminal cops are as dangerous if not more dangerous to a civil society. And the cops in this County actually feel that they are entitled to behave this way. For me personally, the arrogance is as offensive as the criminal behavior.   

Don't know what you mean by "the writing is on the wall". Don't tell me that cops here are tagging now!  

18usc241 topcommenter

... said the Orange County criminal cop?

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