Bike Shop Smashed in Sunday's Surf City Riots Seems to Wax Poetic About '86 Version: Video

You recall HB easyrider from Sunday's riots in Huntington Beach from the horrific cell phone video of the jerk-off ramming a stop sign through the front window of the shop at Main and First streets, followed by another jerk-off stealing a bike and a third getting into an unsuccessful tug-of-war with the owner for a $5,000 two-wheeler on display. Because others rushed in to help easyrider owner Bert Etheredge by chasing off the second would-be smash-and-grabber, that moment is being marked as an example of selfless community support. Amen to that, brother. But if the shop is still there a quarter century from now, will whoever owns it then identify more with the heroes or the vandals?

"Remember the 80's in Huntington Beach?" asks the description of the YouTube video below posted by HB easyrider. "Where were you during the 86 Op Pro riots? We were there and we're still here... Come check us out... HBeasyrider 328 Main St. HB, CA 92648."

Is that tacit approval of the rioters back in the day or simply a declaration that the shop stood through that and remains unscathed up to Feb. 3, 2011, when the video was uploaded?

Wild in the streets, 2013
The videos images against the Circle Jerks' "Wild in the Streets" (running ... running) play to me like sympathy for the mindset of the '86 rioters. Then again, 27 years later I still cannot afford $5,000 for a bike (let alone a car), so what the fuck do I know?

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You are barking up the wrong tree with this article. Most people that you talk to who witnessed the riots of 86 will agree that it was sparked by some idiot doing something stupid like pulling off a girls bating suit top or bottoms but that it snowballed into a shit storm because the Huntington Beach Police were total bumbling dickheads that did not know how to respond and the actions of the Police fueled further demonstrations. As with this recent riot, it was again started by some stupid behavior but because the Police were professional and used extreme caution, the matter was under control within a couple of hours and nobody can fault the Police and in fact as a town, we are really proud of the way the Police handled it. (Sorry, Po Po's from 86. My 73 year old Mom was there on the pier and said you guys were all dickheads and that it was mostly your fault for how out of hand things got} So, good try but there are alot of other angles you can report on here. Don't fuck with HB!!!!

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