Gustavo on The Tom Leykis Show THIS WEDNESDAY for Monthly ¡Ask a Mexican! Segment

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It's never too early to shameless self-promote an appearance, so guess what I'm doing? If it's the end of the month, that means I'll be appearing on the last Wednesday of the month on The Tom Leykis Show from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.--the first hour devoted to Tom and I discussing the news of the month, the 4 o'clock hour devoted to a live version of "¡Ask a Mexican!" and the third hour to some of the best ethnic jokes around on the weekly "Beeeeee Funny!" segment.

What happened last month? Funny you ask!

You missed an epic shouting match between me and some pendejo from Big Bear, who insisted Mexicans are "sub-standard" in everything. When I kept asking him to give one example, he wouldn't give one, leading to my drunken-on-ON Tequila ass to scream "ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!"

He didn't. POO-SY! What other pendejos will call in next Wednesday? You'll have to tune in to to find out!

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Fkkn Ericc
Fkkn Ericc

Leykis and "Ask A Mexican" best fkn fusion ever

Minerva Magdalena
Minerva Magdalena

Mmmm....Perhaps, ¡Ask a Mexican! Questions LIVE! will in the future take place at AF... Think about it... :)

Mario Trujillo
Mario Trujillo

When will you be back on KROQ with Kevin and Bean?

Erk Audelo Leon
Erk Audelo Leon

Està bien chingón profe. Me gustó como puso en su lugar al imbécil que llamó la última vez--el que dijo que en México sólo se fabrican cosas "substandard" o chafas, vulgarmnte hablando. Asì me gusta ver a la gente, defendiendo cuando la gente critìca a lo estúpido. Yo no me pierdo el programa hoy.

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