Saif Mohamed Moussa, Who Admits to Picking Up 17 y.o. Girl and Walking Out Store to Marry Her, Gets 38 Days in Jail. Wait ... What?

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A 29-year-old man who tried to drag a 17-year-old girl he did not know out of an Aliso Viejo bookstore last month--telling the shocked teenager he was going to marry her-- pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor child annoyance.

Saif Mohamed Moussa was immediately sentenced to 38 days in jail.


Under a plea deal, a felony charge of attempted false imprisonment was dismissed, and Moussa was also placed on three years of formal probation.

We reported on the case May 20:

Saif Mohamed Moussa Held for Allegedly Trying to Snatch and Marry 17 y.o. Girl Shopper

The girl was shopping in a Barnes & Noble store around 2 p.m. May 18 when Moussa wrapped her up in a bear hug and started walking her to the front door. "He said he intended to marry her," Jim Amormino, the Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman, explained at the time.

But Moussa's plans were spoiled by the runaway bride, who broke free near the front entrance and ran to her father, an off-duty sheriff's deputy, who detained the nut until help arrived.

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I knew this guy in high school, I haven't seen him much since but I know he has issues. I wouldn't call him a child molester, he's a harmless guy and I don't know what his issues are but he is dealing with something. I don't know what went down and maybe his actions were inappropriate but I don't believe he had any harmful intentions. What I do know is that jail was a scary place for him and he was begging to come home. He took a plea to get out of jail because his bail was so high he couldn't get out otherwise. It wasn't an admission to anything it was just him trying to get home. He didn't really get a trial so it was never really clear what happened but you would think if your daughter ran to you and told you a guy was trying to kidnap her you would go beat the crap out of him. He wouldn't have stuck around after she "broke free" of him would he.


Glad that got cleared up, I thought child annoyance was saying hi to a kid you didn't know,

Anyway that guy looks white what's with the Muslim name? Surprised the dad didn't knock him silly there's got to be more to this story.


His real punishment is life - having to register as a sex offender until his last breath. I sincerely hope someone explained this to him before he pleaded guilty. I would choose years of incarceration over that punishment that keeps on giving... until the day you die.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Little known fact -- Europe was raided by North African slavers for centuries. In fact, the US's first foreign war was to stop such raids against our own merchant ships. That's where the 'shores of Tripoli" in the Marine hymn thing comes from. So this guy could be in part descended from European slaves.

Then again, the first inhabitants of North Africa looked pretty white. If you see real Berbers -- they look pretty European. Example -- Zinadine Zidane.


@Tomtom I'm not sure he has to register as his charge was misdemeanor child annoyance and not molestation.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

Yes, ask that security guard guy from Cleveland who helped the wife of the guy who locked up those three women.  He is registered becuase thet creepy guy had his daughter lie.  No good deed goes unpunished.


@DocDNA- Oh but he does. For reals. Annoy, molest - its all the same. PC 647.6 - ANNOY AND MOLEST A CHILD. Didn't know that, did ya.

"PC 647.6 - Child Annoyance and Molestation" - always a misdemeanor unless priors for the exact same thing - is a crime for which sex offender registration is man-da-to-ry. No wiggle room whatsoever. The penal code says so.

All it takes for a conviction is to make a crude / inappropriate comment to a child - a person 17 years(!) or younger. Like "Don't you look hot in that bikini. I could see us / I would love to etc etc". Or something to that effect. Bam! Convicted of Child Annoyance. Child Molestation. Who knows - who cares.

Why do you think they dropped the felony charge so readily? The jails / prisons are busting at the seams. But this is true, medieval punishment. This guy's life is over (if he ever had one - from the looks of the photo). He is a CHILD sex offender until the day he dies. Just like the guy who snatches and anally rapes a toddler. Another notch on the sex offender belt of the OCDA. Minimum Effort and expense.


@DocDNA - then you will be happy that he will be a lifetime sex offender for the admittedly creepy thing he did in that bookstore. That horrible SEX crime. You will also be happy that is ensured to be a complete drain on this society -okay, if he wasn't already. Good chance he will be homeless, unemployed, back in the system in no time. 

He will be monitored just like the rapist killer on that list. Guess who will be paying for this?


@Tomtom Glad he has to register.  I searched the penal code and could not find anything on annoyance having to register.  Thanks for the info. 

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