Richard Ramirez, Infamous "Night Stalker" Serial Killer, Dead

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News reports are emerging that Richard Ramirez, the infamous "Night Stalker" that terrorized Southern California through 1984 and 1985, has passed away at San Quentin State Prison. He was 53.

Anyone who grew up during the mid-1980s remember the terror that Ramirez inflicted, as his murder-and-rape spree went from Northern California all the way down to Orange County, where Ramirez assaulted a couple in Mission Viejo in 1985 by shooting the man in the head and raping the woman. Miraculously, both survived.

I remember as a small child in Anaheim my parents putting our glass tables next to the windows every night, just in case Ramirez tried to break into our granny shack. And I also remember when Ramirez was finally caught in East Los Angeles in 1985, by a bunch of Mexicans who nearly beat him to death, as my good pal Ben Quiñones so memorably wrote for LA Weekly's 20th-anniversary issue.

KRON-TV Channel 4 reports that Ramirez died of natural causes. More news to come as it becomes available...

For a refresher on the Night Stalker case, watch this jailhouse interview with Ramirez:

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A bunch of Mexicans? You racist bastard!

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

When white folks administer extra-judicial punishment to a criminal, this is called 'vigilantism' and frowned upon by all the better sorts of people. Apparently when 'Mexicans'* do it, it's A-okay. 

*Seeing as how this was 1984, the 'Mexicans' were probably old school Chicanos.


Meanwhile back in the Catholic Church at the same time.


We still have "night stalker sticks" in our sliding glass windows.


My wife was 14 at the time (1984), home alone in Walnut, and her dog was going ballistic. She saw a guy fitting Ramirez's description running away from the house. She found out about him the when she saw a police sketch. The previous night he'd killed an elderly couple in their home one city over. A few weeks later he drove up next to her as she walked down the street. She recognized him, and he took off. The next night her sister's car broke down and Ramirez pulled up and asked her if she needed a ride. She lied, saying "her boyfriend was on his way," and he left; she took off running to the house and called the police. He was eventually caught a few weeks later. He got off easy, liver disease. It's too bad the mob in East L.A. who surrounded and beat him stupid didn't get to finish him off.

JGlanton topcommenter

Feel-good story of the day. Thanks!

That frikkin psycho tweaker creep affected my life.  I remember living in a first-floor unit not far from one of his victims, laying in bed one night thinking "what would I do if he crawled into my window while my wife and I were sleeping?".  I ended up buying a gun soon after that. I was also always more aware of home security and rarely slept with the windows open any more. May have never done that if it wasn't for Satan's Spawn.


Me too.  Mine has "9mm" written on the side of it.

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