National Republican Party Boss Visits Santa Ana Today on Hispanic Listening Tour

RNC Boss Reince Priebus is coming to SanTana, OC's most heavily Democratic city
As part of his effort to expand his party's base, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is meeting with Hispanic community leaders in Santa Ana this morning.

A press announcement for the 10:30 a.m. event calls the affair "a listening session" for Priebus, who is meeting with Hispanic 100 Chairman Mario Rodrigue and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Rosario Marin at The Green Parrot Villa on Main Street.

"The listening session is part of an ongoing effort by the Republican National Committee to engage with different communities across the country to help grow and expand the GOP," the statement states.

Orange County Republican Party boss Scott Baugh has previously told the Weekly that he plans to expand efforts to recruit Latino candidates and activists into the local party, where occasional signs of embarrassing bigotry flare.

One big, obnoxious problem Priebus and Baugh have is Dana Rohrabacher, Orange County's senior, career politician and a man who stakes out absurd positions on immigration.

For example, Rohrabacher called for self-deportation before last year's Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney advocated the laughable idea.

But Rohrabacher's version was to force Mexicans into self-deporting by backing a new federal law that would ban hospital emergency room doctors from treating dying or seriously wounded patients who couldn't prove citizenship.

In the Costa Mesa Republican's mind, a pile of dead brown skin people outside of hospital doors would serve as proper notice that Mexicans should go home.

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We'll keep waiting for the changing tour....

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Will he meet with leaders of the white community? After all, the reason the GOP lost the presidential election is that they didn't get enough white working class support in the mid-West. 

18usc241 topcommenter

"But Rohrabacher's version was to force Mexicans into self-deporting by backing a new federal law that would ban hospital emergency room doctors from treating dying or seriously wounded patients who couldn't prove citizenship."

If this is true, then this man is just another criminally racist sociopath in Orange County, CA. Dime a dozen. 

In the same spirit, as sick police leaders who think they can treat the Hispanic man working on Colombian police engineering projects like an Hispanic gang member. In terms of brain function, you would almost have to be in a vegetable state to be this criminally stupid. 

And nothing says "vegetable state" more than that picture of the Congressman. 


I don't want to get between mox and his boy toy but its against the law AND against the Hippocratic oath for a Dr to turn away a critically injured person... Dying? Well the debate goes on about health care. Is it or isn't it a right. I don't recall reading anywhere in the constitution where it says anything about socialized medicine...

JGlanton topcommenter

@18usc241  But it's not true. It's typically OCWeekly slime "journalism". But you could have fact checked it for yourself if you really cared, but you're just here to use any topic to spread your paranoid delusions because you can't move on and enjoy what's left of your life.

18usc241 topcommenter

@JGlanton Regarding moving on. 

There is just a small problem with that - your collection of criminal clowns here don't want to stop harassing me because when you've committed one of the worst racist hate crimes in the history of Orange County, CA under the color of authority apparently you have nothing to lose at this point then to continue the crime - the equivalent of a hail mary pass in football - It's the "you-literally-have- nothing-to-lose-since-your-going-to-be-so-screwed-in-federal-court-anyway" theory. 

Now if you as a supposed taxpayer in OC are not bothered by how your money is being flushed down the drain to cover some old retired retards crimes, then you are either: 

1. The dumbest person in Orange County, CA  


2. One of the morons with a lot to lose. 

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@JGlanton Hey again, nine-times-a-day-loyal-OCW-reader and frightened sock puppet! There's a good reason you bark using a fake name, no? Meeeeeeeeoooooow! In all seriousness, thanks so much for your daily boost to my monthly reader and comment numbers! I may have to credit you for my next raise! Sweeeeeeet.... :) Click again on my article last week on stupid retards. I need just one more "hit" for a company prize!

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