Tasha Tells All...On How to Prep for a Porno Shoot!

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Every Monday, adult superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign gives us her thoughts on life, sex, politics and everything in between. Today, Tasha weighs in on how she preps for a day shooting porn. Enjoy!

How to Prep for a Porno Shoot
By Tasha Reign

Lots of people ask how I do what I do and what I have to do to prepare before a scene, movie, photo shoot or appearance. I don't speak on behalf of other performers or women in my business, but here are my pre-porn rituals. Sorry to pop the fantasy, boys, but it ain't exactly like my movies!

My last scene was for kink.com this past Monday--a solo video on a "fucking" machine that was pretty intense (go to their website and pay the fee to see my scene--no piracy, remember?) I didn't have any other shoots after that, which fell into my usual routine of one scene a week (but more is always welcome, too). So with the down time, it got me thinking about how I prep

First off, I take care of my body. I enjoy group Pilates, yoga and fun exercise activities involving clothes. I'm also a vegetarian, and make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep the day before my shoot; if I don't, I'm usually grumpy, and that's not professional. That's for my interior health--you need to be physically and mentally healthy (not just attractive) to succeed in this business.

I make sure my hair is colored and my roots are minimal--since I'm a natural brunette and always have grown-in brown hair, I spend a great deal of time dyeing my roots with a high lift tint and getting extra highlights all over. I also make sure I have the proper tan. I avoid the tanning beds unless I'm looking extra-pale; in that case, I'll hop in for 10 minutes every few weeks. Instead, I own about every bronzing solution/spray/cream/gel/lotion in travel and home size. I'll also visit the spray tan machines at least twice a week; I just have to remember to constantly exfoliate and keep maintenance up which can be time consuming, I don't like splotches!

I'll also check in on my hair extensions. I spent six hours three months ago in the salon just to put in my bonded, new extension hair; this past Thursday, I added two more hours of upkeep, all for the pleasure of getting loads of hair glued in so that it's extra thick and extra long for the fans.

My favorite part of prepping is the occasional trip to the spa to have facials done and the rare but painful injection no one needs to know about--I'll just say that it's nice to have a little extra plump to certain parts of the face because it makes your skin look fuller and parts look sexier.

If I'm doing vaginal or oral scenes, there's not much in terms of prepping other than making sure your body is able to perform. If it's anal, though, I won't eat heavy foods the day before, and focus on keeping hydrated and only having little snacks and small bites to feel extra comfortable for the scene. I'll spare you the details about what happens if I don't, and I'll also leave out any information about enemas and cleaning habits the day of..wait, TMI?

I make sure to read the information sent to me by my agency, La Direct Models, who send out a formal email labeling the type of work I'll be doing, the company, the talent I'm working with, the site or theme of the shoot and the script (if it's a longer film, I usually get the script further in advance. I've already agreed to all the details; the email is just a reminder in case I forgot, and includes call times and location details as well.

After I confirm with them that I have received and understand the information I'm pretty much set to shoot. I have to do a HIV/gonorrhea/chlamydia/syphilis etc., test via a specialty clinic every two weeks via urine and blood from a syringe drawn that I dread (I loathe needles). My agency helps me keep up to date on when to do that as well, which is great because I need a babysitter for myself with all the things I do.

Before I take off to the set, I pack my bag. Oh boy, the set bag: Full of everything from the mouthwash I like to the lube I'm not allergic to. I put lotions and potions and things that I want on set with me in there. I make sure to have my phone charged and games downloaded for all the down time on set (and there's a lot...), along with magazines to read and pen and paper to scribble thoughts. I'll also pack extra lingerie, heels, and other clothes for options.

I'll also make enough time to swing by Starbucks for breakfast and a latte. I'll usually work on my laptop there, to let the traffic die down. Some girls have drivers; I don't like relying on other people for transportation. Besides, I love my white Hello Kitty-themed Prius!

Finally, I make sure I'm not sore--from anything. I don't want to have pulled a muscle or feel achy from working out. I don't want to have something on my mind. Most importantly, I don't want to feel sore from sex. That's not really a problem right now, since I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't shoot scenes very much.

Once I'm on set, I don't worry about my hair and makeup anymore: people on set will take care of that. I just make sure my skin is taken care of. And then I do what I have to do to keep the fantasy alive.

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