Potpocalypse Now in Long Beach!

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What happens when I take a few days off blogging about medical marijuana to write a 4500-word cover story? Why Uncle Sam comes along and starts harassing himself some cannabis collectives!

Thank god that our war on drugs is so efficient that the feds have the time and resources to track down those nefarious pot dispensaries that are still wackadoodle enough to operate storefront dispensaries. I mean, they're just asking for it, right?

This time, the long arm of the feds hit LA County, sending out some 100 letters threatening collectives that they were operating in violation of federal law. Most of those collectives were in South LA and the city's Harbor area.

Letters also went to clubs in Long Beach, a city that first allowed clubs to spread, then tried to bilk them via a mess of a lottery system, then refused to grant any permits before finally banning the clubs--had already harassed with raids and fines.

Besides the letters, the DEA has also threatened to seize a pair of buildings in Long Beach that allowed the Healing Tree Association, located on Anaheim Blvd., and the Naples Wellness Center on 2nd St. to operate. As the Weekly has previously reported, several collectives who have been subjected to police raids are suing the city. There is also movement among marijuana activists to put a voter's initiative on the ballot that would force the city to give regulating cannabis clubs another go-round. Stay tuned!

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now long beach city council makes life more difficult for cancer patients, diabetics, and mental health patients. just like the city councils of costa mesa garden grove and anaheim. shame on them.


Since the NSA has admitted to illegally obtaining evidence on innocent citizens every one of these dispensaries should march right back to court and ask for their cases to be re-assessed. 

Dirty NSA agents also means dirty cops, judges, and lawyers. Eric Holder needs to step down, a moratorium needs to be held on all pending trials, and if it's found that the dispensaries were closed based on illegally-obtained evidence all of the injured parties need to be given restitution. Clog up the LA court system-stay on the dockets.

paullucas714 topcommenter

There are collectives in Santa Ana that have also had actions taken against them in the last week. And there also at least 3 local OC residents facing marijuana charges for no more than one pound or less of cannabis.

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