Peggy Tanous, Latest Real Housewife Going Belly Up, Has a Curious Bankruptcy Filing

Peggy Tanous has reportedly gone where fellow Real Housewives of Orange County cast members Alexis and Jim Bellino, Lynne and Frank Curtain, and Simon Barney have gone before her: into bankruptcy.

It's unclear whether the mother of two's Internet-entrepreneur husband Micah is also experiencing money woes, if the pair is still together--heck, all kinds of stuff is screwy.

I'm not saying the Tanouses, who "declined" to return for season 7 of the unreal reality show, sound like grifters. . . . I'll leave that up to Celebuzz.

"Awesome" couple: Micah and Peggy Tanous
The gossip site cites court records that indicate Peggy Tanous--under that name, as well as Peggy Colleen Farney, Margaret Colleen Farney and Peggy Tyler--declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in March, listing $2.16 million in liabilities, most from home loans and property taxes. Others include more than $70,000 in credit-card claims and $10,000 for a book contract.

Celebuzz goes on to run down a bunch of inconsistencies involving the Tanouses and money--usually the lack thereof. These include:

-Peggy, a former model who once described herself as a "wealthy Orange County party girl" who loves "her bling, Bentley and plastic surgery," listing the values of her home furniture and clothing at $550 each, $1,150 in jewelry, and zero cash in the bank.

-Her assets being listed as $840,000 for her Irvine home--which was valued at $1.3 million when the couple sued the banks to stop foreclosure proceedings before season 7 began--and $30,000 in annual income from $2,500 in monthly "non-court-ordered" child-support income. But Peggers reports $3,200 in monthly expenses.

-Her referring to herself as "unemployed," although via social media, she has recently boasted of taping a new talk show and working on a fitness DVD.

Her stating she's "divorced" in a March 7 court filing and "single" in an April 11 amendment, but then tweeting to a fan May 21, "Being married is awesome"--with a photo showing a large diamond ring on her ring finger. And in a June 4 tweet, she refers to Micah as an "awesome hubby."

As for those money woes, Micah in February tweeted photos of his "new toy" Hummer, which prompted Peggy to tweet May 18, "Cruising in the new H1 today! Love this thing!" She tweeted June 3 she was going to a dress fitting and a fashion show, later posting a photo of herself snuggling with her awesome hubby or awesome ex-hubby or awesome whatever the hell he is.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Are you guys away you have an ad for a 'men only' (hipster sounding) barber shop as a banner ad? Seems to me that is not only sexist, but illegal. 

paullucas714 topcommenter


Are forced by Gustavo and Nich to delve into this tripe or do you actually do it on purpose?

Diane Chavez-Pioch
Diane Chavez-Pioch

I live in OC, and most people are not superficial, plastic and crappy. Shame on you Peggy.

Diane Chavez-Pioch
Diane Chavez-Pioch

I sure hope her public phopaux bites her in the a**. If the rest of us are guided by the universal laws of ethics, then so should she.

Bonnie Kennedy
Bonnie Kennedy

Aka OC is chock full of fools living beyond their means, givin a fuck about the jones' more than themselves. This news is just shocking lol

paullucas714 topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker @paullucas714 save your arm dude. If I need to get all up in Tavos ass to get you to not have to do this shit no more I will. And you know I will. Im fucked up like that. Just let me know where to direct my fire.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@paullucas714 @MatthewTCoker Seems as if they do themselves in just fine. You'll be happy to know I did hammer a nail into my forearm to prevent typing the latest on Octo-mess.

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