Orange County Fire Authority May Have to Refund $1.7 Million for Inspections Never Done

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The Orange County Fire Authority could have to refund to businesses $1.7 million they paid for hazardous materials inspections that may have never been performed.

The government shakedown ... er ... honest mistake was reportedly discovered in an audit.

Behind the Orange County Register pay wall, one will apparently discover hundreds of inspections were never done or couldn't be verified despite the businesses having paid for them through the Irvine-based fire agency's Hazardous Material Inspection Program.

The county Health Care Agency has taken over those inspections, so look for a future audit to determine how that's all working out.

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vegandawg23 topcommenter

Well well well. No surprise they're suing some kids for having some harmless fun.

paullucas714 topcommenter

Im hoping someone has to accountable for this nonsense.

No, they will fire one sacrificial lamb and then it will be over with


So I assume we'll see a few people fired for this MASSIVE fraud.

LOL I kid, we all know nothing will happen. This IS Orange County after all.

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