Newport Beach Tries to Kick Out OC Weekly Racks from PCH!

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From the Department of Self-Survival comes this: a faithful reader alerted us that Newport Beach is trying to remove OC Weekly racks from Pacific Coast Highway, specifically the section that passes through Corona del Mar.

Wonder what the hell would spark that? We've had the location for ages, and we don't cover Newport Beach THAT much--the occasional story about its dirty PD, wackjob politicians every once in a while, the current idiots who are trying to remove Corona del Mar's fire pits. Hmm...but needless to say, we're going to fight whoever is trying to get rid of us. Like kudzu, it's virtually impossible to eradicate us once we've set our roots.

The last person who tried this got some legal fun thrown their way...

Details to the meanwhile, sources tell us that other newsstands are also being targeted for elimination, although which newspapers are getting the pink slip is not yet known. Time to bring out the legal Molotovs!!

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