Prosecutor Accuses Orange County Businessman of Illegal Stock Manipulation

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The Orange County branch of the U.S. Department of Justice this month filed a criminal conspiracy charge against a Southern California businessman accused of illegally manipulating stock prices for four months in 2011.

Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer L. Waier claims in her filing that she can prove Michael Young "and his co-conspirators would willfully use a device or scheme to defraud purchasers or potential purchasers of the stock of the companies they identified by making or causing to be made materially false statements and failing to disclose material facts" in order to "artificially" inflate stock prices.

No alleged co-conspirators have been named in the government's case.

Included in Waier's evidence, however, is her assertion that in April 2011, Young "traded 2,500 shares of SYVN at a fraudulently inflated price of $0.79 per share," according to court records.

Waier also claims she has already negotiated a guilty plea agreement with Young, who was born in 1981, but the prosecutor has not made the document public.

Waier did not include any other additional identifying information about the defendant in her reports.

The case is so new that it has not yet been assigned to a federal judge inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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paullucas714 topcommenter

I wonder how small the fraction of jail time would be applied in comparison to those who operate state legal medical marijuana dispensaries?

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Article isn't very clear. Were these insiders or outsiders. Sounds like insiders cooking the books but you should clear that up.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@vegandawg23 Excellent point, but the federal prosecutor has left those types of details a mystery as of now. When the government files the guilty plea deal (and doesn't seal it from public inspection), your question should be answered.

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