OC Weekly Wins Eight Journalism Awards

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Arellano's article on OC Reg boss won first place
At this weekend's 55th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards in downtown Los Angeles, OC Weekly--while in competition with the likes of the Associated Press and Los Angeles Times--won eight awards*** in a range of categories including news, entertainment, business and sports reporting as well as art design.

First place honors went to Michelle Woo (personality profile) for "Jason Quinn Will Meet You at the Playground;" Matt Coker (sports reporting) for "Dick Baney and the Other Lost Boys of Summer;" and Gustavo Arellano (business reporting) for "Is Aaron Kushner the Pied Piper of Print?"

Second place honors went to Nate Jackson (entertainment news or feature reporting) for "The Ballad of Wade Michael Page;" Laila Derakshanian (art design) for "Anaheim Calling;" and Joel Beers (sports reporting) for "Muffin Spencer-Devlin is the Best Lesbian . . ."

Third place honors went to Nick Schou (entertainment review/criticism/columns) for "The King of Cool, Don Winslow" and yours truly (hard news reporting) for "Prince Edward Maryland Is Sorry."

Former Weekly staffer Vickie Chang won second place honors in the online feature category for her piece in The Atlantic, "The Punk Rocker Who Would Be Judge."

Martin Henderson, editor at the Rancho Santa Margarita Patch, was named online journalist of the year and given this weighty, deserving tribute by the judges: "His work serves as a model for the future of journalism on the Internet."

Woo's award-winning personality profile
In the talk/public affairs category for television, Rick Reiff, David Nazar and George Barker won third place honors for their work on the "SoCal Insider."

***The Orange County Register won one award, a third place for sports coverage.

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Robert Ayala
Robert Ayala

People don't realize how times the OC Weekly has the story first well ahead of any other publication or news outlet.

JGlanton topcommenter

Congratulations, all.  Go out and enjoy some of "the best of OC" food and "the best of OC" drink, then get up in the morning with your hangovers and have some of "the best of OC" coffee and do it all over again. I'd buy you you a few rounds for sure.

paullucas714 topcommenter

Q) You know what you don't see here?  A) Not one single peep about Octomom or Real Housewives. At All!

Steve Lanzi
Steve Lanzi

OC Weekly: #1 at spreading around #2. ;-)


Was this kind of "Journalistic" award that the Liberal OC won, where you basically enter a drawing and if nooneelse does......You WIN.

In other words a contest!

Because we all know the kind of Journalistic reputation the "REPORTERS" there have.

Mike MacDuffee
Mike MacDuffee

I don't always take shits, but when I do- OC Weekly is there.

JBinOC topcommenter

Not to brag, but I won First Place in Investigative Commenting for 

"Pita Grill was in an Irvine Company center, yes?  That might explain the closure and potential relocation" 

in "Stick a Fork in It: Pita Grill in Irvine Closes" [June 10, 2013] 

and I also won the Will Rogers Prize for Humor for 

"And even worse, the Register relegates its Latinos to re-writing press releases" 

in "Navel Gazing: Where's the Diversity at in the Orange County Register's Recent Hiring Spree?" [May 11, 2013]

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

But they don't report in the same manner either and carry stories way differently.

18usc241 topcommenter

@Mike MacDuffee Ask your doctor about "Irritable Bowel Syndrome". Good luck. 

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@JBinOC We were actually talking about how our readers DO deserve a prize of sorts, from your pithy remarks to the racist ramblings of so many!

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

That is unless you've been robbed by an unscrupulous lawyer that took you for your salary for 13 years and then left you sitting on the streets with nothing because of her behaviors and the behaviors of others.

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