Summer Guide 2013: Romance Near the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant!


[Editor's Note: Summer in OC is never just about the here and now. Once the weather starts heating up, we start migrating to our communal gathering grounds--the beach, Disneyland, Theo Lacy Jail--and all the memories of summers past start flooding in until you can't experience the present without longing for (or loathing) the past. But rather than write ponderous essays about our summers past, we Weeklings figured it would be better if we showed you those days. So behold pages and pages of comic strips, from the epic to the pathetic. Enjoy!]

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Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis

Funny. I just hold my breath from 1 mile before to 1 mile past.

OC Weekly
OC Weekly

If you don't, you're not human!

Laura Beecher
Laura Beecher

Does ANYONE drive down the 5 and not make jokes about boobs as they pass San Onofre?

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