Hoag Hospital Abortion Ban Draws Protesters

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If you see protesters outside Newport Beach's Hoag Hospital today, those won't be your usual nurses or medical technicians picketing over stalled contract negotiations.

Foes of Hoag's recently announced plan to end the apparently few elective abortions performed at the hospital indicated they would stage a demonstration there.

Claiming it had nothing to do with the new partnership with Catholic health group St. Joseph Health System, Hoag CEO Robert Braithwaite revealed via a letter to his doctors that they will no longer provide elective abortions. As we reported in May, Braithwaite essentially blamed the change on staff incompetence, claiming that performing only 100 or so abortions every year increases the chances for medical mistakes.

Robert Braithwaite, Hoag CEO, Lays Blame for Banning Abortions on Hospital's Incompetence

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Eight physicians publicly blasted the executive decision and two Hoag donors have withdrawn their support. As you'd expect, the ban also doesn't sit well with the pro-choice crowd.

"The No. 1 thing a hospital has to have is credibility, and I think they're taking a risk," Suzanne Savary, president of the Newport Beach Democratic Women's Club, reportedly told the Los Angeles Times. "I don't think women's groups are going to let it go away."

To keep the issue front and center, Savary's group announced its intention to protest outside the hospital today and--as you'd also expect--anti-abortionists have revealed plans to counter-protest.

"I believe it does many things to rob a woman of her dignity," Sally Kanarek, a former director of Parent Help U.S.A. who has worked extensively with Mothers And Others Against Child Abuse, tells the Times. "I think it's that [pro-choice advocates are] trying to intimidate Hoag."

So much for keeping quiet in a hospital zone.

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I attended the demonstrations at Hoag Hospital today to support the decision to quit performing elective abortions taken by Hoag Hospital because I am one of the lives saved through this hospital when many, if not most, would have not intervened to save me.
Hoag stood for my life when I could not. I am proud to stand with Hoag today on behalf of preborn children who cannot stand for themselves.
I completely support Hoag’s decision consistent with their mission to promote, protect, & heal lives. When I was dead, I could not speak for myself. When I was in a coma, I could not prove I was not a vegetable. When I first regained consciousness, I could not even lift my head, feed myself, take care of my bodily needs, speak, or even swallow. I was more helpless than a baby before birth. I am thankful Hoag did not consider my life of no value but did everything in their power to protect & heal my life.
18 December 2012 I suffered a sudden death cardiac arrest in my home. Neither my wife nor Costa Mesa Fire could revive me. I did not respond to resuscitation attempts on the way to or in the ER. The ER staff was ready to pronounce me dead when the cardiologist, at my wife’s urging, tried one more time. I resuscitated, & I was admitted to the cardiovascular critical care unit (CVCCU). I had a 0.01% chance of even surviving. My wife consented lowering my core body temperature & medically sedating me to raise my chance of survival to 0.04%. (For comparison, 0.08% blood alcohol level is considered under the influence, & is about 2 drinks in one hour.) Not much chance.
Although my chances for survival were remote, & chances for substantial recovery slight, Hoag Hospital was completely committed to saving my life & assisting me in as much recovery as possible. They treated me as a human being with the right & privilege of life & were my allies, not my executioners nor mere witnesses to my demise. When I was coming out of my coma, some considered me a “vegetable” & encouraged my wife to let me go. I will always be thankful that she refused & Hoag supported her commitment to my life.
I am almost exactly 6 months from my death & new life. I am expected to make a full & complete recovery. My temporary limitations are negligible – lack of strength & stamina, short term memory deficiencies, & difficulty enunciating clearly. I improve every day. I work out with a personal trainer, work part time in my construction related profession, & testify every day to the life-giving power of God through exemplary life-committed institutions & people like Hoag.

Havivah Schermer
Havivah Schermer

Same here. As a medical establishment, they need to provide safe services... It's ridiculous.

Aimee Monahan
Aimee Monahan

Boo to Hoag, no longer giving women choices. So glad I'm not in their system anymore.


Now where will all the monied, worthless housewives of Orange County go for their abortions?  You know the mental illness of bible thumping runs deep when even the rich ppl aren't permitted to have a choice.  Usually it's <i>law for thee, but not for me so sayeth the wealthy.</i>


You have a choice.... Take your ass up the 55 to planned parenthood. You want us to respect your "choice" why don't you respect Hoags "choice".

Here lies the hypocrisy of the looney left boys and girls.... Pay close attention!

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@prattleonboyoQ: Now where will all the monied, worthless housewives of Orange County go for their abortions?

A: Santa Ana

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