David Carlos Pleads He Did Not Expose Self, Jerk Off and Creep Out Jogger Near GF's Home

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Man, courting rituals sure have changed since I was on the market.

Take David Carlos ... PLEASE!

The 34-year-old Santa Anan is accused of jerking off in front of his girlfriend's Fountain Valley home, where he is also alleged to have slept next to a pool with his junk out and told a passing jogger--running with her 10-year-old niece--that he "liked her body."

The jogger's. Not the niece's. That'd be creepy ...

Carlos, it must be pointed out ... I guess ... pleaded not guilty to indecent exposure charges Tuesday. He's due back in court for a preliminary hearing Monday. Hopefully, that's not Lady's Day at the courthouse. If it is, forget your protective goggles at your own peril.

Fountain Valley Police were called around 10:30 a.m. Sunday about a man sleeping and exposed near a public pool at 10824 Los Jardines East. As officers were questioning Carlos, the complaint rolled in from the female jogger. Carlos is further accused of self lovin' in front of his girlfriend's residence.

Who says there are no great guys out there?

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