Dana Rohrabacher's "Ignorance" Blasted By Washington Post

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Rohrabacher: OC's senior, career politician
Ranking House Republicans in Washington, D.C. gave Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher a subcommittee to ponder emerging threats in Europe and Eurasia, a move on par with Sheriff Andy Taylor giving Deputy Barney Fife a flashlight and putting him on a nightly UFO watch in Mayberry.

GOP big boys had to know the often-unstable, always quirky Rohrabacher, like Fife, would see looming apocalyptic threats everywhere.

In a prior dismissive assignment designed to keep the Costa Mesa Republican away from botching serious affairs, House Republicans gave him the power to investigate whatever he wanted; incredibly, he decided in 2008 to use federal tax dollars to solve the already solved, 1968 assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

In his new subcommittee assignment, the world's the stage, which means that Rohrabacher embarrassments are now global.

Such was the case last week when the former Orange County Register editorial writer (who evaded military service during the Vietnam War) took a trip to Russia with Hollywood actor Steven Seagal.

The congressman's mission?

Get information on the Boston Marathon bombers by snuggling up to members of the Federal Security Services, or what used to be called the KGB.

Just as he absurdly championed the Taliban as rational, enlightened and pro-democracy while the group harbored Osama bid Laden in pre-911 terrorist days, Rohrabacher now is giving Russian leaders a pass on their human rights violations at the same time they are cracking down on freedom.

He claims what's most important is that the USA and Russian form a team against "radical Islam" and the Chinese.

The congressman's accomplishment-free trip didn't escape the eyes of the Washington Post, which blasted Rohrabacher on June 3 for exaggerating the threat of "radical Islam" as on the verge of toppling the U.S. and understating the thuggery of Russian leaders and government agents.

Concluded the Post, "The congressman displayed ignorance and naivete."

Rohrabacher, the Barney Fife of American diplomacy
With the likes of Rohrabacher, Seagal and Dennis Rodman conducting international diplomatic missions what could go wrong?

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18usc241 topcommenter

When you have chance, pull up a monthly chart of Halliburton (HAL) from 2002 to 2008 (just before the collapse). Don't stop studying that chart until you finally see the explanation as to how:

The Taliban went from being "friends" to "enemies". 

Bin Laden went from being a "freedom fighter" to an enemy. 

The Russians went from being the "evil empire" to friends.

The Chinese went from being "evil" - then our largest creditor AND also our enemy - like being in a very bad relationship AND being bi-polar at the same time. 

See now? This ain't rocket science. . 

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@18usc241 @danarohrabacher That's right and our Dana Rohrabacher, arguably the most bi-uhhh-polar representative in Congress, is chief among the professionally sneaky politicians barking misinformation that places national security below their own warped, personal, political agendas.

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