OC's Major LGBT Groups: County, Santa Ana Charging Us Thousands of Dollars for Proposed Pro-Gay Marriage Rally

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Any day now, the Supreme Court is expected to release its decision on whether California's hateful Proposition 8--which banned gay marriage in the Golden State--is legal, and both sides of the issue are planning for rallies that will either be celebratory or somber, depending on what happens. Locally, the county's LGBT groups want to do their rally at the Old Orange County Courthouse, which has become THE place for marriage equality rallies (and the hilarious haters that follow them).

But today, a coalition of them sent out a press release with a bold subject line: "Free speech isn't free for LGBT" in OC.

"What started as a simple $75 dollar permit application fee from Santa Ana, goes the press release, "has grown to over $2,000 in charges for Santa Ana and Orange County. It could be more if the group is forced to rent portable toilets...The coalition's organizations with have dug into their non-profits' reserves to cover the costs so far, but they haven't heard whether portable toilets will be required."

They should just do a spontaneous rally, but whatever. The contact people on the release include longtime activist Zoe Nicholson, so you know this issue isn't just going to disappear.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

It's a sad day when the 'gay' community can't come up with $2000.00 . Heck, back in the early 1980s, that was one guy's bill for a night visit with amyl...if you get my drift.

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