California Lodge Suites Hotel in Santa Ana Adds Another Cause for Complaints: Whoring

Here's an important tip to sleuths amateur and professional: If you are looking for a place that might be a brothel, start with the inn in town that has generated 365 police calls in the past year and a half.

Based on a tip from a john, and with a Los Angeles television news crew in town, cops busted up a den of prostitution at the California Lodge Suites Hotel, 2909 S. Bristol St., Santa Ana.

It's an address Santa Ana Police know well, as it's generated the quantity of calls listed in the opener for complaints ranging from illegal druggin' to wife beatin.' "This property here has been a problem for quite some time," Cpl. Michael Gonzalez reportedly told a KABC Eyewitness News crew that joined his Santa Ana cops on a recent prostitution sting there.

Busted were a 25-year-old woman who was allegedly having sex with a 41-year-old man and has been arrested four times before for prostitution. Her john is not only facing a solicitation for prostitution charge, he also allegedly had an outstanding drug-related arrest warrant.

What's amazing is the hotel (to use the term lightly) is not in a hidden area. It's not even the worst stretch of Bristol. The address is just south of Coastal Communities Hospital and a few blocks from Carl Thornton Park on West Segerstrom Avenue.

It's the joint's proximity to two nearby schools that bothers a KABC interviewee identified only as Jose. "I think our kids are in danger, because not only there's drugs but there's prostitution going on in there," he reportedly said.

If things don't start improving at the hotel, the city will have to take more drastic steps against the owner, Gonzalez mentioned. If that person can even be found, something that has historically proven to be difficult for police and reporters alike.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession and what is it any of the cops business whether a 25 year old is making out and/or having sex with a 41 year old anyway, some women like older men.

If you see a woman sitting next to you and she's shaking her leg does that mean that she's horny?

vegandawg23 topcommenter

My friend is wondering how much such girls charge. He's also wanting to see pictures of the girls. He says thanks for posting the address. 


I'm waiting for the Tahiti on Harbor to let us in on what really goes on behind the green doors,

I was searching for a friends daughter on night and went in a room of some sleezz room across the street, sheets piled on bed, blood spatter in sink and toilet, I could see some unsuspecting family on vacation checking in, now that's the pros on a cheap room.

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