Gustavo's Latest "Orange County Line" Commentary for KCRW: On Little Saigon's 25th Anniversary!

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With so much happening in OC this month, I wanted to make sure and at least devote one "Orange County Line" commentary to KCRW-FM 89.9 to the 25th anniversary of Little Saigon--what happened, where is it at, and where it's going to. So that's what me and host Steve Chiotakis talked about yesterday, in our regular Monday-afternoon segment.

Included in this was a huge shout-out to Garden Grove Unified School District trustee Bao Nguyen, a guy I've known for over a decade, long before he became the darling of every progressive Chicano in OC for his ability to speak Spanish and for being such an overall swell guy. Is he the future of Vietnamese politics in OC? That's what I partly discuss.

And a quick apology: it's St. Anselm's Episcopal Church, not Episcopalian. Damn papist in me...anyhoo, enjoy!

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