Another Hint That Mexican Cartels Love California's Potpocalypse?

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Jay Brockman
According to an intriguing item from the local sheriff's blotter in today's San Clemente Patch, an anonymous tipster phoned deputies to say that a 55-year-old man was busy loading bales of marijuana into the back of his car. The caller described the vehicle as a white Nissan and stated that there were two other men sitting in the car.

The call took place at about 1 a.m., but by the time deputies arrived at the 600 block of Avenida Pico, the car and its occupants were gone. No word yet on what model Nissan the men were driving, which might give some indication as to how many bales might have been transported, nor do we yet know how the informant knew the man loading them was 55 years old, or even how the caller was certain the bales contained marijuana.

However, given the late-night timing of the incident and the apparent recent increase of cross-border marijuana traffic involving yachts and sailboats hauling bales of marijuana from Mexico to places like Dana Point and Newport Beach, it seems possible that Johnny Law might have narrowly missed capturing cargo that had just been offloaded from one such smuggling venture.

Better luck next time, deputies!

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vegandawg23 topcommenter

Closing the border, deporting all the illegals and legalizing drugs would solve all these problems. Politicians don't have the spine to do these things though. 

18usc241 topcommenter

Hey wait a minute, my wife drives a white Nissan! LOL

And I still can't get over how OC Sheriff Mike Carona was harassing me with his deputies (the Rancho Santa Margarita years especially) while I was risking my "huevos" in Colombia on engineering law enforcement surveillance projects and he was paling around with ex-cocaine trafficking pilots and engaging in activities that get him put in federal prison. Maybe that's why the LA division of the FBI told me to buzz off when I called for help early last year? 

Dear OC police officers/security dudes: this is why I can't take you seriously when you give me the dirty looks. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

Whats happening with the people who are fighting court cases in Orange County centered on medical marijuana? Those are the real reasons that we see cartels profiting off of the crazy prohibition of cannabis. If these people prevail then we wont have to contend with cartels using pangas to transport cannabis in the US.  in other news today the CA Assembly Public Safety Committee approved SB 439 and it will now move to the full assembly for a floor vote then back to the Senate for a full vote n the floor. If we had more news about how people are being savagely violated by the courts over cannabis this bill will sail through smoothly and we can get past this nonsense.

Jeff Babiak
Jeff Babiak

Let's thank the Feds for shutting down all of the dispensaries. Now the Cartels can sell their weed without competition.


@vegandawg23 Closing the border might not be such a bad idea, as long as you're on the other side of it.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@paullucas714 They brought that on themselves. Having people who look like cholos selling pot in places that look like a Dead concert parking lot while evading taxes brought the wrath of the community down on them. Dispensaries need to be either licensed by the state similar to say liquor stores or preferable pharmacies or be shut down. Better yet ban sales of cannabis entirely and allow cultivation only. You figure out how to grow a plant in a grow tent, then you don't deserve your "meds". 

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@ethernot @vegandawg23 You are the problem with comments such as :

"Your absurd assertions regarding percentages of "legitimate" dispensaries and use of histrionic buzzwords like "cartel" demonstrate that you in fact HAVE been indoctrinated by decades of Drug War lies and propaganda; thankfully for the rest of us, your demographic is becoming smaller and more marginalized with every passing year."

Communities can decide their standards. If you don't want strip bars next door to your kid's school, your community can decide that. This issue is no different. Dumbdumbs trying to get laid by wearing flat brimmed hats with cholo tattoos who talked in slang ruined it for everyone. Congrats. They're not coming back. No state laws, supreme courts or referendums is gonna force communities to accept head shops selling illegal drugs to low lifes. Ever been in one of those places? Ever see the kinda people that would go into Zen OC when they had their holiday specials? Looked like people out of a cypress hill concert mixed with skid row folks. You seem to think the residents should just accept it. Part of me wishes it weren't that way and all these places could stay open but not gonna happen no matter how many platitudes you spout.  

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@ethernot Detecting a bit of jealousy in the Top Commenter remark. Doubt it means anything so not sure why people keep referring to that. You were referring to abortion mills with your comment were you not?!? So why the surprise. You do realize that a large portion of the population (including women, mind bottling for someone like you I know) is anti-abortion do you not? Not sure what fairness or egalitarianism has to do with anything. You have addressed nothing. The reason prop 19 failed is partly due to dispensaries and growers coming out against this. This is common knowledge so sorry if this is news to you. The same dispensaries and growers who are now going to jail. Excuse me if I don't feel much sympathy for them. Any source for your "fair and egalitarian "communities" have been, if anything, even more rabid and aggressive about eliminating cultivation than they have dispensaries?". I doubt it. You are the typical tolerant liberal who makes up things when it suits them and resorts to insults when they have no argument. You know damn well if they didn't go bonkers with these dispensaries and had regulation and such that it could have worked alot better. Get your head out of the sand and realize that for a community to accept dispensaries (again this isn't jim crow so stop with the ridiculous melodramatic comparisons) they need to not be glorified headshops. Not sure why that's so hard for you to understand. 


@vegandawg23  Like we said, your remarks speak for themselves, in volumes: Women's health services = "baby killing"… (Bet you're REAL popular with the ladies, too!)

And somebody tell NORML that cannabis prohibition is REALLY just an "image" problem, a matter of personal grooming and attire!  Too bad George Zimmer just got canned from Men's Warehouse; he could have aided the movement with slacks and sport coats instead of just funding; now, if we could only get Supercuts on board … (To George, from those of us for whom your courage, vision, and generosity made a very real difference, our eternal gratitude; vaya con dios amigo, always.)

We DID address your "black market" issue, but you appear not to have grasped it, so we'll state it more simply: If the only way--repeat, ONLY WAY (because it's illegal, remember?)--to obtain something that provides relief to the sick and dying is to buy it from criminals--even poorly dressed ones--who also happen to sell it to other people who aren't sick or dying, THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO.  If you have ever been a caregiver for a loved one--assuming you have any--you should have no difficulty understanding that.

But that "if you have a legitimate medical need … learn to grow" statement ought to put you in serious contention for this year's Marie Antoinette Award for Disconnect From Reality, at least in the Non-Public Office Holder category; how exactly does a person who is quadriplegic or bedridden grow their own, especially since your fair and egalitarian "communities" have been, if anything, even more rabid and aggressive about eliminating cultivation than they have dispensaries?

Which brings us back full circle to our comment from another article (!) you were so thoughtful to dig up and repost here, regarding "absurd assertions", and from which we'll bid adieu …  But by all means, please feel free to continue ranting on your own; since your views are so totally representative of the typical weekly free press reader, there's undoubtably lots of folks you can still reach and enlighten, or at least entertain--after all, you're a Top Commenter, right?

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@ethernot You're not a bad writer but you're still wrong. Segregation, denial of baby killing centers and our 2nd amendment haven't got anything to do with this. Those are things protected by the constitution for one (via supreme court decision in the baby killing case, amendments for the others). Again like a brainwashed lib you are seeing racism where none exists. I'm not white for one and I was speaking more to the people working at such places more than the patrons but since you're nitpicking a dress code wouldn't be a bad idea. I realize CVS doesn't have a dress code for it's customers but this is a special situation. Your logic doesn't make any sense either. Obviously there will always be people with a legitimate need for any drug. Doesn't mean that it should be sold in head shops by pot heads (speaking from the community's perspective not mine, I personally could care less what you look like as long as prices drop)Doesn't matter what you say about people with legitimate needs the fact is that these places are nothing but head shops and are going to be treated as such by the community until the image changes. Protests and whining on message boards isn't going to change a thing. Wearing a collared shirt, shaving, speaking properly might. 

You're also not addressing the fact that these business's are not really nonprofits and are charging black market prices for a plant, engaging in implicit/explicit price fixing and evading taxes. They also fought full legalization (to keep their black market prices) and are now sleeping in the bed they made. Hopefully dispensary owners with signs up that said No On 19 are now in jail. If you have a legitimate medical need I suggest you learn to grow because "medical" dispensaries as we know them are on the way out. 


@vegandawg23 @ethernot"Communities can decide their standards" has also given us segregation, and the denial of everything from women's health services to Second Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, yes, we have been inside "those places", too many times, and have seen the "kind of people" dispensaries provide for (what "kind" would you prefer--say, blond, blue-eyed maybe?); yes, most APPEAR to have no obvious severe health issues--leaving aside the question of WTF besides your doctor should have any say in your medical treatment for anything--but how many of those were there for a loved one, like us, we couldn't honestly say (BTW, really carbon-dating yourself with the Cypress Hill reference …)  But always--EVERY F'ING TIME--there was at least one person in a wheelchair, with a walker, or otherwise clearly exhibiting the effects of some awful disease like cancer or the "health care industry" (we used to have a thing called "medical practice"--oops, now we're dating ourselves …) treatment for it.  Exactly how many sick or dying is an acceptable number for you?  One?  Ten?  A hundred?  Auschwitz much?

We'd like to think anyone who's had the misfortune of being in our shoes would say the same thing: All the f'ing potheads in the goddamn world aren't worth even one second of relief and comfort to a loved one in misery.


All of which is by way of saying thanks, because your arrogant, biased, and ignorant remarks make our point with ever so much more "eloquent logic" than we ever could.

Put that in your platitude.

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