Victor Manuel Sanchez Charged with Murder in Cop Chase That Killed Gamer Engineer: Update

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See the update at the end of this post on Victor Manuel Sanchez being arraigned today on charges of murder and other counts.

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ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 3, 10:11 A.M.: The man killed in a crosswalk during a Santa Ana police chase last week has been described as a "genius" computer-gaming engineer. Some bystanders first believed the victim struck by a car Thursday was a local homeless man, but Andrew Scott Reisse, 33, has since been identified as the co-founder of Oculus VR, a Kickstarter-funded startup developing the Oculus Rift virtual-reality gaming headset.

Various computer sites have reported the immersive gaming accessory was a huge hit at several tech shows this year.

According to an Oculus statement, Reisse at age 19 helped to start the company Scaleform in Maryland, came to California for Gaikai in Aliso Viejo, and had recently moved to Santa Ana to be closer to Irvine-based Oculus, which he co-founded and where he served as lead engineer.

He was walking in the crosswalk at Macarthur Boulevard and Flower Street Thursday when he was either struck by a Dodge Charger carrying three suspects pursued by police or another vehicle the Charger had clipped. Police say it was the Charger, but a witness account here differs.

Andrew Scott Reisse and Gerardo Diego Ayala Were the Dead in Santa Ana Police Shooting and Car Chase; Victor Sanchez Held

Reisse's Oculus Rift made its debut at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, at which it won a rave from PCMag's Will Greenwald, who called it the "best chance in decades" for integrating a true virtual-reality experience into personal computer gaming. A more polished version of the Rift turned up a few months later at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, where many attendees were said to have waited an hour or more for five minutes with the new technology, still in development.

Oculus VR has published a memorial tribute to Reisse on its blog.

Read the company's full statement upon learning of Reisse's death on the next page. . . .

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Chris Roth
Chris Roth

I interviewed at oculus last year, how tragic! The police shouldn't be endangering the public for a bust. The technology avail today should be able to prevent high speed pursuits in populated areas and rely on other means to capture suspects

Mauro Gonzalez
Mauro Gonzalez

This is simply bullshit.... I hate to see this type of shit go down... Sad

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Interesting. I was going to comment earlier on how the most marginal of my people -- i.e. the white community -- are the most victimized by Latino/Hispanic/Raza/Mestizo violence. Think of that Itzcoatl dude killing all the white tramps on the Santa Ana river.  I certainly thought Mr. Reisse was one of our less fortunate folks -- look at that beard!

But it turns out he was 'brilliant'. I guess whites of every socio-economic status are becoming victims of the Latinization of our county, state, and country.


@Mitchell_Young latinization of a city already known as santa Ana...? You need to study some geography my fellow white man...

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@markmollner @Mitchell_Young Uh, I said 'county, state, and country'. But even Santa Ana -- believe it or not -- had an overwhelming white majority into the 1970s.

When the Yankee took over what is now California, there were all of 3000 Spanish speakers in the entire state. In 1970, only 11% of the population was 'HIspanic surnamed'. The fact that some caucasian, Spanish/Catalan explorers named a lot of places in the territory doesn't mean shit.

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