Waves as Tall as 15 Feet Expected at The Wedge

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Surf will definitely be up at The Wedge in Balboa, according to wave trackers.

Sets with 7- to 11-foot waves are expected Wednesday and Thursday, while waves as tall as 15 feet are said to be rolling in Thursday and Friday.

Put that cow in your bunga!

To whet (wet?) your appetite for killer waves (sadly, literally in some years past), here is video my former colleague Vickie Chang posted and Kevin Lara shot from the Wedge in September 2011:

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Bob Waldren
Bob Waldren

Pitted? Umm, if you guys think that pic above has anything to do with getting pitted, you need to go back to your surfing dictionary. And really, "put that cow in your bunga"? That's kinda sad.

Jason Guthrie
Jason Guthrie

Way to hype up another swell and bring the circus to town OC Weekly. Please people, if you don't know what you're doing, stay OUT of the water!!!

Dani Hobson
Dani Hobson

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