Walmart Pleads Guilty To Illegal Dumping in California

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Three years ago, the Orange County District Attorney announced a massive $27.6 million settlement with Wal-Mart, Inc., one of the largest payouts involving environmental pollution in state history. In Dec., 2010, the Weekly interviewed a whistleblower in the case, former manager Kathrine Shimaji, who complained that the illegal dumping of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals had been carried out at a Foothill Ranch store in 2005 at the instruction of other managers, and that higher-ups had ignored her complaints and covered up evidence of the crimes.

None of those officials, Shimaji pointed out, were punished, although a few low-level workers who were following orders lost their jobs, and in the settlement with the DA's office, the company did not admit any wrongdoing.

It has now, though.

Yesterday, the company pleaded guilty in San Francisco to illegal dumping in California between 2006 and 2008, as well as in Missouri. This time, Wal-Mart is paying out $81 million. According to NBC News, Walmart has officially taken responsibility for the fact that it allowed employees to dump hazardous materials--usually in the form of damaged bags of fertilizer that could not be stocked as merchandise--in the trash or in sewer drains.

Wal-Mart claims it has since retrained employees on how to properly dispose of hazardous waste and also has armed them with scanners that allow them to automatically detect any such materials. It has also promised to fund environmental projects in neighborhoods affected by the company's past misconduct.

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18usc241 topcommenter

Here's a free idea for someone interested in a running blog/website that makes an important statement. 

A blog/website that catalogs all the criminal acts of major corporations. Not the speculation. Just the cases where there have been convictions and/or settlements wiithout admission of guilt. 

I've been watching this repetitive Bernard Madoff fraud for decades now. These companies are caught in some criminal act - they plead guilty and/or settle without admission - the news talks about it for 2 days - then the company crawls out of it's rat hole and continues on as if it's a paragon of civic responsibility. 

You would be documenting the proceedings as they occur through available public information. Just reporting the facts available to everyone. That way, we would have a living document of all the garbage criminal acts of these angelic "no-future-no-benefits-service-job" creators for all the world to see. 

Trust me - you would have plenty of material so the website could be updated daily - think of all the fun a graphics team could have with this. "The Onion" website except real life. 


Thanks to the OC Weekly for this information ..... the key message in this article is the OC District Attorney's collection of $27 million from Walmart in the name of the People, with no admission of guilt and only low level employees held  accountability.    Those words "NO ADMISSION OF GUILT"  rings a bell.  Remember the Diocese of Orange's settlement of $100 million involving heinous sex crimes that destroyed the lives of precious children and their families, with NO ADMISSION OF GUILT, not to mention the additional millions in lawsuit settlements that followed.... Difference between Walmart and Diocese of Orange.... the OC District Attorney FAILED to act on behalf of the People when crimes against children were committed, allowing a corrupt religious institution and its attorneys to escape all criminal accountability for harming children and violating mandated reporting laws.  Action speak louder than words Mr. Rackauckas...... please resign, you are a disgrace!

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