UCI Immigration Rally Happening TODAY!

On Tuesday, May 14, the ASUCI DREAMer community and other concerned UCI Anteaters will hold an immigration rally at UCI's Student Center Terrace at noon.

The Student Center Terrace will serve as a platform for students, professors, and activists to voice their reasonable angst over the inaction towards a more comprehensive system of immigration reform that would service the needs of the more than 11 million undocumented citizens in the country; at the very least, issues such as lack of worker benefits for immigrants, denial of educational rights for students, the fucked-up militarization of the nation's borders and staggering numbers of imprisoned undocumented immigrants have yet to be addressed. What the rally will strive for is to spark community awareness through dialogue and discussion of past experiences and knowledge of immigration reform.

Orange County is but a small slice of the racial tension pie that is the United States, immigration reform being one of the prime issues under heated debate. Lest we forget the school walkouts protesting for immigration rights, Arizona's whack immigration laws and hate-spewing Golden Girl Barbara Coe. And now, current efforts in the Obama administration for immigration reform seem to be pending; if we could get the administration to take notice of community forums such as these, we'd be set, but for now Orange County DREAMers, it's your time to shine. See you there!

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to amurillo@ocweekly.com ...why do I have $50,000 in parent student loan debt, while dreamers parents have zero. Our kids worked equally hard,...earned the same grades.....why am I struggling after I did everything right...put myself through school, got a great career, had kids and raised them right.........and now I pay $500/month....whereas some familia has no debt and a dreamer. explain por favor.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

"..the fucked-up militarization of the nation's borders...", who wrote this crap?  So you miss the Boston Bombings and the fact one of them was not here legally?? He came in by airplane and they still could not stop him. If they cannot stop by plane they sure are not stopping them at the boarder.  You illegal immigrant activist would sell you mothers.


@n2bigmuscle They forget that the reason they want to come here is because it is not Mexico. If we allow them all to come here willy nilly, then it will be more like Mexico and no one will want to be here, either.

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