South Coast Plaza-Area Cocaine Dealer Wins Long Prison Trip

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She don't lie
A federal law-enforcement investigation into a Canada-based narcotics-and-money-laundering network operating in Southern California has resulted in the loss of freedom for a 33-year-old man who participated in a South Coast Plaza-area deal for 37 kilograms of cocaine.

Unbeknownst to Jun Jie Zhang, undercover Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents using a confidential informant posing as a major drug trafficker orchestrated the March 2012 deal at a Starbucks near the 55 and 405 freeways.

According to a law-enforcement report, Zhang served as the money delivery man; either he can't count or is a petty thief, too, because he was supposed to transfer exactly $300,000 in cash for the cocaine, but he gave the confidential informant a plastic bag holding just $299,680.

The native of China, who spent his teen years in Ontario, Canada, where his family owns a restaurant, eventually admitted his guilt in hopes for leniency that would land him in a federal prison for no longer than 12 months.

A taxpayer-funded, criminal defense lawyer argued his client should be given credit because he did not handle the narcotics.

But on April 29, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter wasn't receptive to the argument and sentenced Zhang to a term of 41 months of incarceration.

The drug trafficker is presently being housed under the control of U.S. marshals inside the Santa Ana Jail and will be bused to prison in coming days, according to records.

The government's case against 43-year-old John Philip Co, Zhang's co-defendant in the cocaine deal, is largely a mystery.

In February--after a flurry of briefs filed under seal, Carter sentenced Co, the alleged cocaine supplier in the transaction, in courtroom-closed secrecy.

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I'm pretty sure that nobody even really gives a shit about this story so pray tell, why was it written?  Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation with my request to have it removed immediately.  Good day sir.


Looks like Co got 15 months according to the BOP inmate locator

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Model minority strikes again!

Then again, why is cocaine even illegal?

18usc241 topcommenter

R. Scott Moxley, the one scenario that would explain everything that I was subjected to by this collection of retards masquerading as law enforcement in OC, would be if there was a crew of law enforcement cocaine traffickers that didn't take a liking to our engineering company working on surveillance projects in Bogota, Colombia in cooperation with Bogota Metro police etc. 

I would walk into my company and impress my bosses (former Rockwell chief engineers/WW2 heros) and then step outside my company and watch these police/sheriffs departments acting out scenes that could only be described as a cross between the Godfather and Scarface movies (complete with a trash crowd of criminal civilian morons eager to commit crimes upon request). 

So which is it OC law enforcement? Are you moonlighting as drug traffickers or are you just simply racist idiots that thought that you could screw just about any Hispanic man in the County and get away with it forever? Retaliatory vendetta against one of the principles in my company?  Currying favor for one of our competitors that you were in bed with? 

Based on the despicable mafia trash behavior, my money is on the drug trafficker motive.

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