OC Register to Begin Weekly Paper Covering Santa Ana

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You young'uns don't remember this, but the Orange County Register began life as the Santa Ana Register, and was named that until about the 1960s. Its focus was on SanTana, and because it was the biggest city in the county, it eventually became the de facto paper in the region, and slowly bought out its daily competition, whose names are their sole legacy in the current Reg's throwaway rags (Anaheim Bulletin, Fullerton News-Tribune, Placentia Courier, etc.).

But in Reg owner Aaron Kushner's eternal push to turn back the clock to the 1950s, the paper is returning the Santa Ana Register name as a standalone weekly.

And while I'd love to immediately hate the new product (slated for its debut in early June), I can't because in charge of the effort are Ron Gonzales and Theresa Cisneros, who ran the late, great OC Latino Link blog, are admirers of the Weekly, and not full of the whiny egos that characterizes most Register reporters. They've been on the scene for the past couple of months, seeking community writers (aka people who'll write for free), holding forums, and introducing themselves to local businesses.

We wish the Santa Ana Register well. Just don't make the mistake a former Reg SanTana reporter did and not know where Mulitas Ruben is or what's a sonidero...

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Did you see Michele Martinez getting wet at the thought of getting a write up at the council meeting earlier this month. Galvin covering Santa Ana is like having Charles Ramsey (of Cleveland fame) speaking for the Lincoln Club.

I like Ron, should be good stuff, between that and the new VoiceLESS of OC website, maybe we'll see better representation of jungle.


That's where ground zero is for crime any way and that's what the paper has been all about.

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