Gustavo's Latest "Orange County Line" for KCRW: On the Proposed Poseidon Desalination Plant in Huntington Beach!

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I still remember the day two activists told me about the proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant. It was 2003, and I had just been minted a staff writer for this infernal rag. They handed me a stack of documents; knowing the story was important, I punted them to Weekly managing editor Nick Schou, who proceeded to put a bullet in the damn thing.

So imagine my surprise about two years ago, when Poseidon decided to try again with the desalination plans. Amazingly, they seem to be on the fast track to do it, which was the subject of my latest "Orange County Line" commentary that aired yesterday on KCRW-FM 89.9

After listening to it again, I sure come off as an advocate for Poseidon, no? I even remarked at my seeming endorsement of the desalination plant toward the end. The fact remains we can't suck off the Colorado River and Owens Valley forever, so we do need SOME type of water relief--Poseidon has us there. But their particular proposal ain't much...anyhoo, enjoy!

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Kidnapped Scientist: You see, a year ago, I was close to perfecting the first magnetic desalinization process so revolutionary, it was capable of removing the salt from over 500 million gallons of seawater a day. Do you realize what that could mean to the starving nations of the earth?

Nick Rivers: Wow. They'd have enough salt to last forever.


They have been "strong arming" cities. Last night in HB was the most obvious and blatant display.

The more subtle tactic is by extorting these smaller cities with "promissory letters". Pay up now or we will charge you through the nose later, if and when you need it. What was shown last night was that Poseidon will go back and sue new future councils with deals made years past. Even if their expensive, environmentally devastating water is not needed, these cities will have to pony up and drink it.

Gustavo, you know a whole lot about almost everything, but on this one you need a few misconceptions fine tuned. You buy into a lot of the Bullshit "Fearmongering" that is driving these billion dollar boondoggles and you make misstatements based on erroneous "facts". 

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@GericaultCM Again: I'm not for this plan. But do you think the Colorado River and California Aqueduct will be full of water forever? Once that's dried up, where do we get our water from?


@GustavoArellano @GericaultCM Population is up, water use is down.....HMMMmmm?

We catch it, save it, recycle it, re-use it, and instead of watching 38 billion gallons wash down the Santa Ana River bed every rainy season , we start managing our fresh water sources.

Right now, we shit in it, use it to water kentucky blue grass acres down in south county, and buy imported water from Fiji in single use plastic bottles.......

We can do better, but when there is a Billion taxdollars spread out for the consultant classes, and Big Labor to dip their beaks in it, why would we?

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@GustavoArellano @GericaultCM Let's reduce demand for water by reducing population growth. Let's reduce population growth by reducing immigration -- legal and illegal. (Americans are leaving California, and most of us have 2 kids or fewer, so that's not a source of growth.)

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