UCLA Professor Otto Santa Ana at Fullerton Library TOMORROW for Latest "Gustavo's Awesome Lecture Series!"

I think it was about a decade ago that I first encountered the work of UCLA professor Otto Santa Ana--how else do you explain how I was able to obtain a galley of his excellent Brown Tide Rising: Metaphors of Latinos in Contemporary American Public Discourse, which was finally published in 2002? I must've bugged him while I was a grad student at UCLA or something...anyhoo, the profe is perhaps the nation's premier expert on the depiction of Mexicans in mainstream news, and his latest book, Juan in a Hundred: The Representation of Latinos on Network News, is a brilliant exposé of how the TV MSM not only barely acknowledges Latinos and stereotypes them when they do, but how when talking about Mexi issues, the panelists are almost always gabachos. He'll be my guest NEXT THURSDAY, May 30, at the Fullerton Public Library as part of my monthly "Gustavo's Awesome Lecture Series!"

This conversation between the profe and I will be fabulous, especially because we'll get to bash on KFI's JohnKen, the not-missed-at-all Lou Dobbs, and the subject of whether the MSM should use terms like "Illegal" or "illegals." Wonky? Yes. Boring? NEVER.

And the profe's other OC connection? He's from Miami, Arizona, the hometown of Rueben Martinez of Libreria Martinez fame. Two Mexis from a copper town doing good in this world--AWESOME!

You know the drill: lecture starts at 7 p.m., and the lecture is FREE, while any books available are BARATO. Now, GO GO GO and BUY BUY BUY!!!

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Fullerton Public Library

353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA

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Is he married to SAUSD's Superintendent?

Minerva Magdalena
Minerva Magdalena

Gustavo, you really need to come to Colorado. Metropolitan State University of Denver would Love to have you! Or Air Force Academy?

Paul Texican Franco
Paul Texican Franco

Would you be able to record the lecture? I live in Colorado but would like to hear/see what y'all have to say and discuss.youtube?

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