OC Register to No Longer Accept Adult Ads--Wait, You Didn't Know They Ran 'Em?

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Whenever people get on our case about the sexytimes ads we run in our infernal rag, I always point out that the Orange County Register run those sames ads, except smaller, coded, and in the back pages of its Sports section. Hell, I'm old enough to remember when the Reg would run ads for adult theaters, complete with movie titles--there was the one off of Beach Boulevard, and another one whose ad always had a sketch drawing of a man in a Panama hat looking at a lass. Creepy!

Alas, I will no longer be able to use that specious argument, as the Register is no longer accepting those types of ads in owner Aaron Kushner's continuing push to make his paper "classier."

The Register's sports section this past Tuesday

In a letter obtained by the Weekly that was sent to advertisers last week, Register senior vice president of sales and marketing Michael H. Burns bid adieu to his adult ads. "As we continue to enhance and develop products for our valued subscribers and readers, we will no longer accept advertising in your category of business," Burns wrote. "While we wish you much success in your business, we believe the decision to not accept advertising of this category serves in the best interest of our audience."

Though Burns doesn't name the business category affected, sources say the only such advertisers to receive the letters were in the adult section of the paper.

The paper will enact its ban May 31.

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Why are you obsessed with the Reg? Really, I'd like to know, because you seem to be totally consumed by it.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Costa Mesa detective that died in March under the 55 freeway overpass had alcohol in his system, was texting and driving without a seatbelt. Doh? And they tell you that you're breaking the laws by detecting you? Attended 2 restaurants Mi Casa and Skosh Monahans before crash.

Jon Martin
Jon Martin

They're only going to run ads for children? that's disgusting.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

I like how all (or most) of the 'masseuses' are Asian. Must be a lot of guys out there with, let us say, body image issues.

JBinOC topcommenter

Less revenue to pay all those Caucasians

(and to bid for the LA Times).

But that might be offset by sponsored section cash from UCI, Cal State Fullerton, & Chapman!!

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@SnarkShark Um, because it's news? What bothers you so much about my occasional posts on the subject?

JBinOC topcommenter

@GustavoArellano @SnarkShark  

Maybe, Snarkshark, he's obsessed with Reg for the same reason I'm obsessed with the Reg...we see how the Register's lame, incomplete, rose-colored coverage is helping to cultivate the repression, fakeness, lameness, etc. of the county we choose to live in, from the patriotic Huntington Beach to the plastic Mission Viejo, and almost everywhere in between and beyond

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