Michael Delgadillo, Off-Duty Cop Who Died in Crash, Had Been Drinking and Texting: Police

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They say drinking and driving don't mix, but for the late Michael Delgadillo drinking, driving and texting didn't mix either. The Newport Beach Police Department, which is investigating the Costa Mesa Police detective's fatal, single-car crash on March 5, has disclosed that besides driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.14 percent, Delgadillo was texting and not wearing a seatbelt before he met his end.

The 57-year-old father of four and 32-year veteran of the Costa Mesa force was alone and off-duty in his sedan when it smashed into a cement column on Bristol Street beneath the 55 freeway in Costa Mesa after 10 p.m. on March 5. Delgadillo died at Western Medical Center in Santa Ana early the next morning.

Blood was drawn from him shortly after the accident and before he died. The coroner's office, which had already ruled the death an accident caused by blunt-force trauma, later received the toxicology report that showed his blood-alcohol content exceeded California's legal limit for driving, which is 0.08 percent. Small amounts of painkillers were also found in Delgadillo's system, but not enough where it should have effected his driving, according to the coroner.

Newport Beach Police say they have forwarded the results of their investigation to their Costa Mesa colleagues.

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A few years ago a lady in front of me in traffic was on her cell phone driving and became so engaged in the conversation that she drove her automobile directly into a traffic island at about 40 mph.


This article's missing the most important bit of info that's just barely been reported.

Ten minutes before Delgadillo crashed his car he was drinking at Skosh Monahan's for at least an hour. Skosh is owned by former Costa Mesa mayor and current councilman Gary "Glug Glug" Monahan. The bar he spent his final minutes at is less than two miles from where he crashed. 

So is Gary getting special treatment? If a patron died after leaving my old bar I know the police, ABC and even Vice would pay a nice visit looking for any infraction. Instead the news that the off duty cop was drinking himself silly at the councilman's bar comes out two months after the crash. Instead Gary has patrons coming into his bar and getting trashed enough to crash their car within minutes after while the news slowly trickles out in a sentence or two. 

Think good old Irish boy Gary would take responsibility? Or offer to let a drunk patron crash at the "GOP Headquarters" upstairs? 

I seriously wonder if Gary had the decency to contribute to the memorial fund. It's not like he was taking in money from the guy minutes before his death. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

A couple of points about this incident. First, it wouldnt be very newsworthy if it werent the SOP to use the above named violations for revenue generation for jurisdictions by way of ticketing for seat belts, texting, etc etc. Second, the small amount of pain killing narcotics isnt enough to impair driving even in concert with BAC of 0.14? For fucks sake someone please call Lou Correa! Third, my condolences the family of the deceased.

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