Sgt. Manuel Levi "Manny" Loggins Jr. Family to Get $4.4 Million from County to Settle Lawsuit

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Sgt. Loggins, R.I.P.
The County of Orange will shell out $4.4 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of a Marine sergeant shot to death by a sheriff's deputy at San Clemente High School in February.

Howard Sutter, a spokesman for the county chief executive's office, explained no other details would be released other than the settlement amount to be paid to the family of Sgt. Manuel Levi "Manny" Loggins Jr.

The county Board of Supervisors had agreed last month to enter into settlement negotiations with the family, which is represented by Los Angeles lawyer Brian Dunn, who was not available for comment this afternoon.

Board of Supervisors OK's Settlement with Family of Marine Sgt. Fatally Shot by Deputy

The county agreed to the settlement amount today.

Deputy Darren Sandberg, who'd served in the Marines before joining the sheriff's department, shot and killed Loggins Feb. 7 at the high school track where the Marine held early-morning prayer walks with his daughters, who were in the back of the family SUV to witness the shooting.

The sheriff's department and deputies union vehemently defended Sandberg, maintaining that Loggins crashed through a gate to reach the track, was acting erratically when confronted by the deputy and had to be taken out to protect the two girls. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced in October that his office was clearing Sandberg of criminal wrongdoing.

But Dunn, the Loggins family and everyone from Camp Pendleton brass down to co-workers of the slain man strongly defended the 31-year-old father of four as a thoughtful, Christian family man. A multi-million dollar wrongful death and civil rights lawsuit was filed in federal court by Dunn on behalf of the family earlier in the spring.

With the revelation of the Board of Supervisors agreeing to negotiate a settlement on April 23, the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff's issued a release again damning Loggins for his actions, reiterated that the DA had produced findings favorable to Sandberg and noted the DA also found the deputy had no Taser or less-lethal options available to him, adding that the union backs the department's efforts to provide deputies the necessary tools and training.

Shawn Nelson, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, had previously said the panel had a "duty on behalf of the taxpayers" and "to do right by the people who put in a claim."

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vegandawg23 topcommenter

They should just get a "my bad" and that be the end of it. Tragedies happen. Doesn't mean someone needs a lottery payout every time it does.

paullucas714 topcommenter

They got sold short. The city of Buena Park Police Department sttled without going to court once for shooting an unarmed stolen car suspect by oushing him against a wall and then shooting him in the head for 5 million. An dthe cop that did it got a promotion. See Steven Yakubovsky a BPPD Detective who was a patrolman until he murdered 19 year old Juan Herrera and the city paid 5 million.

paullucas714 topcommenter

4.4 million in settlement and I dont recall reading anything about the deputy that shot him being fired or suspended without pay or anything.


Police only shoot unarmed people because we as a society allow it to happen.

The use of deadly force is ONLY justified when there is IMMEDIATE threat to the lives of the officers or others at the scene. The thought that this officer had to shoot the victim because the victim's daughters were in danger is laughable. 

Dan Heredia
Dan Heredia

Chicken Sit Deputy should have been charged with 2nd degree murder or manslaughter.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@spencerj05 You're a moron. What about a fleeing suspect? No shoot? What about a mexican gang member acting rudely? Can't shoot him either? Homeless guy that goes buckwild at the train depot and doesn't comply ? Just let him act out? Immediate threat my arse. Need to make municupalities immune from lawsuits and make the lawsuits on the officers themselves. That will alleviate this moral hazard where the officer is acting rashly because he's not the one being sued and also will eliminate these ambulance chasers from seeing dollar signs every time a tragedy happens. Will never happen though because these parasite lawyers infest our government at all levels. 

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