SEIU Accused of Trying to Take Over Union that Represents Disneyland Resort Food Service Workers

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Two unions apparently squared off at the Anaheim office of Local 50 yesterday over who rightfully represents the 5,000 food service workers of the Disneyland Resort. A flyer distributed by Local 50 accuses the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of attempting to take over the facility as well as bank account funds.

The finger was pointed at Edgar Romney of Workers United, an SEIU affiliate, who allegedly came to the 527 S. Harbor Blvd. office of Local 50 demanding the keys to the building as well as the names and personal information of union members so that they could be contacted. Alongside SEIU supporters, he was met by Sandi Ecklund and other Local 50 executive board members who denied them access to all that was being demanded.

The Anaheim Police Department was even called to intervene in the standoff.

At issue is the question of who represents Disneyland Resort food service workers. Ecklund, who called police to the scene, said that a lawsuit had been filed and that it was a civil matter before Romney was instructed to leave the premises.

The Executive Board says that it has voted to disaffiliate from Workers United and SEIU, and that a majority of members have signed a petition to do the same. When contacted by the Weekly, both Ecklund and others at the office declined to comment at this time, but the standoff doesn't end there.

It was further alleged in the circulating flyer that Romney and his supporters went to Disney Labor Relations afterward and tried to convince them that they were the real Local 50 union representing the workers. The Weekly will be watching this internal labor war over who gets to tangle with Mickey Rat over worker rights.

In the meantime, the website for Local 50 proclaims itself to be the real site while issuing the following warning: don't let the copycats fool you.

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n2bigmuscle topcommenter

SEIU has a bad reputation with regards to it's member's money. I would hate it if my union was taken over by them.  Their executive board was caught charging $1000 cigars to the union and the average employee makes $9/hr. The SEIU thinks those hard working employees are their serfs.  I don't like unions but there are some industries that sitll need them becuase they don't require a lot of skill and can be taken advantage of thier employess. 

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