OC Weekly Gets Nominated for a Hell of a Lot of Awards for LA Press Club, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies!

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As editor of this infernal rag, I have a hard policy about awards: screw' em. I'm convinced that most national judges will always pass us over and not even bother with our stories because they assume we suck because of our OC pedigree. So I tell my colleagues to only truly concentrate on three contests: those run by the LA Press Club, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, and the OC Press Club.

And I'm proud to announce we've done great in the first two.

In the LA Press Club award nominations that were announced earlier this week in the category for newspapers with over 50,000 circulation, we got nominated for 10 (!), which go like this:

*R. Scott Moxley for "Prince Edward Maryland Is Sorry" TWICE, as Best Hard News and Best Business Story.
*Nick Schou for "The King of Cool, Don Winslow," as Best Entertainment/Criticism/Columns
*Nate Jackson for "The Ballad of Wade Michael Page" as Best Entertainment News or Feature
*Joel Beers for "Muffin Spencer-Devlin Is the Best..." as Best Sports Story
*Matt Coker for "Dick Baney and the Other Lost Boys of Summer" as Best Sports Story
*Michael Goldstein for "Lisa Becker Has Patience for the Patients" as Best News Feature
*Michelle Woo for "Jason Quinn Will Meet You at the Playground" for Best Personality Profile
*And this idiot for "Is Aaron Kushner the Pied Piper of Print?" for Best Business Story, and for Journalist of the Year

Don't think we think we're all bad, though: our little engine that can was dwarfed by the LA Weekly Cannonball, which got 21 nods--congrats to our mother paper!

As for the AAN Awards, Michelle was nominated twice--for Food Writing for her Playground piece, and for Long-Form News Story for "When a Mentally Ill Child Becomes a Mentally Ill Adult." Congrats to all--now, as I also tell my colleagues (with apologies to Krusty), let's go SLAUGHTER the Special Olympics!

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