Kwang Choi "K.C." Joy was Suspected on Yelp of Being Maribel Ramos' Killer Before His Arrest

Who did better work identifying Kwang Choi "K.C." Joy as the suspected murderer of Maribel Manriquez Ramos? Police investigators or a Yelper?

There's no doubt police quickly had 54-year-old Joy in their sights, as the suspect himself admits in a bit.

But someone on Yelp got clued in before Joy's arrest was announced.

You can read the entire exchange that led to this conclusion on We'll just cut to the chase here ...

Someone named Emily C. started a thread on Yelp called "My friend Maribel Ramos is missing!!" early this month to track down the Army veteran and Cal State Fullerton criminology student. That produced a question from someone wanting to know if police had talked with Ramos' roommate in her Orange apartment.

Someone claiming to be K.C. Joy later responded with this photo ...

... And these messages:

A Yelper named Grant K. had a problem with Joy's posting.

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