Jenna Jameson Alleges Tito Ortiz Beat Her, Took Drugs Before Fights, is Stealing Her Twins

Anyone who has followed Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz's hot/cold relationship here, on Twitter or in the gossip press knows that the UFC Hall of Famer has previously been arrested for roughing up his former porn star baby mama, that she later recanted and that, after some erratic behavior, she lost full-time custody of her sons. Jameson had been fairly quiet about "The Bad Boy of Huntington Beach" raising the kids alone in his Huntington Harbour pad, save for some tweets about missing her babies. But today and Thursday she unloaded on Ortiz via Twitter, alleging he beat her up and "almost killed" her, "faked" drug tests before UFC fights and is unfairly denying her custody of their 4-year-old twins.

You can almost read her barrage of tweets like a full account of her allegations. Perhaps chagrined by some negative replies, she even tweets at one point "I am so done with Twitter." That is of course followed by more tweets blasting Ortiz.

Some samples, from oldest to newest (you can read them all at




With one tweet, Jameson attaches a photo she claims to be Ortiz's drug cache:

Pre-fight cocktail?

Ortiz, who based on past tweets has generally used the social media site to pass along positive messages to fans (and coo about his kids), reacted but once to Jameson's virtual rant via Twitter.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Once a 'ho, always a 'ho.


I can tell you one thing, I took over Team Punishments office for my own company. My wife was cleaning and in the bathroom found a bindle of meth behind the toilet. Not saying it was Tito's but there was definately drugs going on in his biz.

Mike MacDuffee
Mike MacDuffee

I wouldn't doubt it. Listen to enough loveline or Dr. Drew podcast and you know how these people are, especially in their relationships. Chaos


Her money must be running out. It won't be long b4 she starts making more porn movies.

Ev Eldnor
Ev Eldnor

All I say is ... I feel for the kids . May the kids go to a safe loving home .

Luke Armstrong
Luke Armstrong

Pornstars and MMA fighters.... Idiocracy is upon us. Rise up intelligent people of the world!

Scottie Eisele
Scottie Eisele

Reminds me of what my Dad told me after my 1st Communion..."Son, never marry a porn star".


LOL. The items in the fridge are nutraceutical supplements. AnazaoHealth makes vitamins,  you can see it says Vitamin B Complex and the one on the right is sterile water. #debunked 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@drewrx That's what she gets for looking into the fridge with those glasses on.

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