Surprise: Orange County Businessman & Prosecutors Differ On Whether Income Taxes Are Mandatory

Poor Brian Fox.

Fox, who once lived in a $2.3 million house in the city of Orange, must have forgotten that we can't outrun death or the IRS.

From 2005 to 2007, the businessman earned approximately $2.5 million in the financial-services industry, but claimed he couldn't afford to pay about $335,000 in personal income tax.

According to court records, Fox viewed the failure to pay as merely a tardiness issue.

U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors had evidence, however, that he wasn't just mocking the system, but had intentionally taken steps to evade paying the federal treasury.

Assistant United States Attorney Joseph T. McNally wasn't pleased by Fox's push for six months in a residential re-entry house, and then six months in home detention as punishment because he's a "family man" with a sick wife and two kids.

McNally thought Fox's criminal conduct deserved an 18-month federal-prison trip.

On April 30, U.S. District Court Judge Josephine Staton Tucker handed Fox, a Downey native who works at Mountain West Financial, a term of 12 months of incarceration.

Tucker gave the businessman until noon on May 31 to surrender himself to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

When Fox, who was born in 1976, emerges back into society, he must undergo one year of federal supervised probation.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Selective Incarceration will be the downfall.

An OC detective from Costa Mesa was found with alcohol in his system and was texting after he died in a one vehicle accidetn under the 55 freeway bridge in Costa Mesa but Newport Beach handled the case.

A drunk texting cop, imagine that? = Doh!

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Wait -- if people aren't complying with the law doesn't that mean that the 'system is broken', that 'comprehensive reform' is needed? How about a tax amnesty?

paullucas714 topcommenter

Wow? Theres got to be more to this story. Ive read stories where the Feds allowed guy with several millions of dollars in debt ot the IRS get much more lenient sentences.

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