Gustavo on The Tom Leykis Show TOMORROW for Monthly ¡Ask a Mexican! Hour!

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It's never too early to shameless self-promote an appearance, so guess what I'm doing? If it's the end of the month, that means I'll be appearing on the last Wednesday of the month on The Tom Leykis Show from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.--the first hour devoted to Tom and I discussing the news of the month, the 4 o'clock hour devoted to a live version of "¡Ask a Mexican!" and the third hour to some of the best ethnic jokes around on the weekly "Beeeeee Funny!" segment.

What happened last month? Funny you ask!

Last time around there was a looooong rambling rant against me by in-studio guest Liz Escobar. Why should you care? She's a Buena Park gal, and has a hilarious clothing line called FocoYou Foco Me--think of it as self-affirmation shit peddled by a chingona who makes great aguachile. She'll probably be in studio, along with other OC cabrones--so tune in next Wednesday at and talk to you there!

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

With your obsession with early 19th century American political movements, like Know-nothingism , I'm surprised you didn't make the obvious pun about Locofocos.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said of the Locofocos: “The new race is stiff, heady, and rebellious; they are fanatics in freedom; they hate tolls, taxes, turnpikes, banks, hierarchies, governors, yea, almost laws

Just like Mexicans. 

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