Tasha Tells All...on Porn Conventions!

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Every Monday, adult superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign gives us her thoughts on life, sex, politics and everything in between. Today, Tasha weighs in on the porn conventions--it ain't all booth babes basking in front of fans. Enjoy!

By Tasha Reign

Every month or so, I usually fly somewhere in the United States to sign movies, photos, take pictures and interact with porn fans. It's a unique experience for them to meet the adult actors and actresses they idolize, yet many people still don't know porn conventions exist--even so-called fans of the industry! Some of the biggest companies and females that represent the xxx community come to these events, like Adultcon and EXXXOTICA, just to hang out and spread the word. There are toys for sale, tons of interviews and media everywhere, and opportunities for fans to ask the girls whatever they want in person, face-to-face or in front of an audience.

I just got home from EXXXOTICA Atlantic City, New Jersey, one of the nation's largest porn conventions. I was a first-time visitor to Jersey, and I guess I judged the book by its cover (thanks for nothing, Jersey Shore!). It's a great state, and the event was packed, lively and tons of fun--I will definitely be returning next year!

My preparation for such events is down to a routine. First things first: I pack my luggage with a ton of 8"x10" glossies, DVDs, and posters of mysel just in case I run out or someone wants to buy them. I try to bring a mini-printer for people's cameras and phones too, because who doesn't want to take home a photo with your naughtiest porn girl? Lastly, cute and revealing dresses and--of course--my life-sized banner, all so that I can draw a little crowd at my booth.

Once I'm packed, I head to LAX. More often than not, the plane is headed to whatever city the convention is in filled with xxx girls (insert your own crude spin on Snakes on a Plane here haha). Those of us established in the industry go free, put up on the flight and a hotel by the owner of the convention; those gals still fresh to the scene pay their own way. It's like a far-sexier pageant, and thousands of dollars go into advertising the convention--radio, newspaper, billboards, banners Internet and more--so while it's a lot of fun, all the girls who go make sure to put their game face on once work the actual convention.

I usually get to the location the night before the event, so I rest up that night with a cocktail and some sleep for the long day ahead. Accompanying me is my roadie "Archie," among the best in the business. He takes care of whatever women he's helping on a particular trip and sets everything up for everyone--travel logistics, scheduling appearances, everything. You always want to attract a line at your booth, but if you stay in the business long enough, you grow more dedicated viewers. I always notice there are more and more supporters of my work that are there to see me every time I return to a convention, which means I must be doing something right!

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Our hometown gal at Exxxotica Atlantic City

But I also know there are many people who don't know of my work, so I try to think of creative ideas like a little game or posters to put up to get more non-fans toward my booth. Even if they don't know me, I love the crowds here, because they're the true pillars of my industry. They're not just stealing content off the Internet; they are there because they want to meet their favorite performers and back them by either purchasing a DVD or signed photo.

It's important for me to see the faces of fans so that I can have a friendly reminder that people actually watch the scenes and enjoy them enough to contribute to the world I'm involved in. I'm always excited to meet couples but even more thrilled to meet my female fans--they are so in tune with my ideas of feminism, and it's a completely different experience. This time in New Jersey, I even had a friend surprise me and come visit me at my booth to help out, pushing my merchandise and covering my station when I went on stage to answer questions. She's a comedian and very open minded and super-comfortable with herself, so she wasn't creeped out by all the girl-crazy boys out there and women in skimpy outfits. I had never had a visitor from my personal social life come to one of these events--it was such a positive experience, that I hope this occurs again soon!

I can go on, but I have to pack for Florida--Exxxotica Ft. Lauderdale, here I come!

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