Academic Senate of LBCC Calls for Vote of No Confidence Against Shady Administration

Jason Troia layin' down the law
"Oh man, you're not going to believe this," Jason Troia says into the receiver. Troia is the student trustee at Long Beach City College who hasn't made waves, but launched a tsunami against the school's Board of Trustees last week by calling for their resignation in the wake of them cutting 11 of the school's vocational programs.

"They've totally underestimated me," the 32-year-old trustee says. "They're not going to get away with this." And the timing could not be more perfect; just a few days after Troia bitch slapped the administration, the Academic Senate released a report that shows the LBCC faculty ain't happy with dem trustees, either.

In a poll conducted for the report, 66 percent of full-time faculty and 85 percent of professors that were directly impacted by the cuts said they had issues with the discontinuance. At least 75 percent of both groups said the problems were moderately or extremely serious. The Academic Senate also asked the faculty about whether they had experienced intimidation by the administration: 40 percent of full time faculty and 75 percent of those affected by the discontinuance said yes.

"This is where it gets good," Troia says.

The report clearly recommends that the faculty take a vote of no confidence against the administration in regards to program cuts because of "serious inconsistencies and errors." The Academic Senate also said that the survey should be included in LBCC's accreditation report that will go out sometime near the end of the summer.

"At this point, I really commend the Senate on their leadership," Troia says, "The only way we're going to save this is by being proactive."

As if that won't freak out the Trustees enough, the report also said that if substantial changes aren't made, then the Senate will consider taking a vote of no confidence against LBCC Superintendent Eloy Oakley and the entire board.

Check and mate. More to come, no doubt...

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Dear Editor; 

A  bias food critic is the best the OC Weekly could do for a reporter? This guy has the maturity of a High Schooler... Where is the report about how much a recall election will cost the city or what happens to the school if the programs are back in the budget and the school goes bankrupt?  The "unhappy" teachers certianly won't waive their paycheck and everyone in a contract will still get paid under their contract.  A little logic and reporting on both sides of the coin would be refreshing.


Industry-relevant, hands-on, career-oriented career technical education courses connect a student’s aspirations with his/her education. When such a student is thus engaged, education becomes much more meaningful and valuable. Many students who never considered pursuing a college degree are tuned in and turned on by their CTE experiences.

I am reminded of my favorite response from a precision welder who makes things for the aerospace industry. When asked why he worked in such an industry, he replied, “I have only a high school diploma, I make $75,000 a year and I make things that have been on the Moon.”

That is a pathway to success that California can’t forgo.

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