More Than Just the Rates at Disney Hotels in Anaheim May Be Scary Soon

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This is just an idea so far from Disney World in Florida, so who knows if it will ever come to pass--or ever come to be in Anaheim?

The idea is to decorate resort-hotel rooms as though they are part of the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean attractions or Disney's princess franchise.

We know this is in the works because, as Cory Doctorow writes on Boing Boing, a Disney World visitor was asked days later to participate in a poll the Mouse was doing on whether families such as his would return and book such a room.

Included is a mockup:

Neat. But count me out if there's a hidden track allowing Haunted Mansion hotel room slumberers to be ogled at by people in passing pods such as this:

Hurry ba-aack, hurry ba-aack ...

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