Police Hunt for a Vampire (Tattoo): craigslist Men-Seeking-Men Ad Leads to Robbery

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A guy places a craigslist personal ad for another guy on Tuesday. The ad placer quickly receives a response for a fellow who sends photos of himself. A meeting is set up at 11:30 a.m. that same day in the ad placer's home in the 13000 Block of Blue Spruce Avenue in Garden Grove.

And that's when things go very wrong ...

Police are now seeking a dude with this vampire tattoo on his right arm.

Vampire tat man arrived at the love seeker's home not with flowers or chocolates but a gun, which he used to rob the poor sap.

The sleeve on the robber's left arm includes the Roman numeral XIII:

And here is the full look at the baddie, described by Garden Grove Police as a Hispanic in his 20s:

craigslist photos courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
Anyone who knows who this fellow is should contact Garden Grove Police Investigator Wasinger at 714.741.5827.

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He's a pretty looking boy.


That isn't a vampire tattoo. It's the Joker. It's from the issue 'Batman: Harley Quinn' by Alex Ross. I would suggest authorities look into it. Tattoo artists would remember a tattoo like that.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Guy might not even be gay. Maybe he sees himself as a Robin Hood type. Except robbing from the preverts instead of the rich. 

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

How did they get those pics?  Did he, seriously, send the hook-up pics and now they are using them aganist him. I am glad he is that stupid.


@vegandawg23  You seem to be quite ignorant when it comes to the Gay Community. Contrary to your post we certainly are not a community of perverts. Likely it is simply a very sick,confused and very delusional person. Instead of  placing the Gay Community into a group of perverts, quite contrary that we are a mostly well educated group of people that you may just want to take the time to educate yourself about.  Quite likely, as these things happen, look back at similar cases and the Offenders are Most Often "Straight". and hopefully you  educate yourself about The diversity of all people that make up this Great Country! Shame on you for your ignorance and hopefully the statistics will bear out what I have said, "The 'Perverts" are most often Straight! Educate yourself would be my recommendation to you, and hopefully your ignorance will Depart!  What a shame that we still have to deal with ignorant people, Just Like YOU!

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