"Boner Jesus," Infamous Mural of St. Joseph's Church in Santa Ana, Finally Painted Over

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Boner Jesus
One of the first stories I ever did on the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal was about a scandalous mural on the back of St. Joseph's in SanTana that its detractors lovingly referred to as the Boner Jesus. Per my writeup then, "Jesus is completely nude. Nowhere is the tattered cloth that two millennia of Christian art universally placed across His crotch. Instead, a red bulge suggests the Savior's scrotum, while a swath of pink appears to indicate the Holy Johnson."

I don't know of anyone who liked the piece--even former Diocese of Orange Bishop Norman McFarland described it in a court deposition as "quite a bizarre painting...it wasn't something that I thought was anywhere [near] good art." Well, critics won't have Boner Jesus to kick around anymore: in March, the church painted over the mural, literally whitewashing it of its ickiness.

All hail Boner Jesus!

The development was first reported by The Digital Hairshirt, a blog written by a former SanTana resident and St. Joe's parishioner who has unsuccessfully tried to save my soul for the past five years or so. According to the author, none other than newish Bishop Kevin Vann personally approved the funds to get rid of the mural. And while I've always been an advocate for public art, Boner Jesus exemplified all that was wrong with the Orange diocese during its pedophile era.

Congrats to the Bishop. Now, if you can only find the funds to get rid of John Urell, your see can get over its current pedophile-protector era...heckuva job, Brownie!

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Saricher1 may be on to something. We know that the former Pastor Christopher Smith, whose sister is the Mayor of Orange was rewarded with a large promotion to Marywood after successfully providing cover for his assistant Fr. Cesar Salazar, who was caught with THOUSANDS of kiddie porn images while serving as the "parochial Vicar" at the underserved and improvished parish (ripe hunting grounds).

It should be no surprise that Fr. Smith is now the rector at Christ Cathedral!

It goes on and on.......


Fr. Stephen Frost - St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, California - "weird crap" - yup.


Gustavo, I'm not in charge of saving your soul - that's YOUR responsibility.

I wonder if the artist - the former-Father Stephen Frost - know his artwork was removed?  It was, after all, part of his "Sex Magic and Celibacy" series:   http://www8080.nepsis.com:8080/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=990283

This may sound crazy, but I wonder if that mural had anything to do with all the weird crap that went on in the rectory at St. Joseph's.

John Grace
John Grace

Adios! Thank you OC Weekly for your decades long expose on the Catholic Church's Pedophilia scandal.

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