[UPDATED with Chancellor Response and Investigation:] UC Irvine Asian-American Fraternity Members Produce Blackface Music Video

Read the response from UCI's chancellor at the end of this post.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 25, 6 A.M.: Another day, another frat bro in blackface. Lambda Theta Delta (LTD), the largest and oldest Asian American fraternity at UC Irvine, is under fire after members produced a music video inspired by the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z collaboration, "Suit and Tie." In the video, four young men dressed in suits and white shades are seen dancing and lip-synching to the hit single. One of them plays Jay-Z. In blackface. Really.

The video was created as promotion for the fraternity's annual "installs" event, which celebrates the entrance of new brothers. It was posted on YouTube with the disclaimer: "No racism intended. All fun and laughter." But many students didn't laugh. Instead, controversy and outrage ensued.

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Removed from its original channel, the video was reposted by YouTube user Shamee L, who writes, "This kind of racist anti-black action is deeply disturbing, and people need to know to understand just how prevalent racism still is in our society. ... LTD claims to 'foster cultural awareness.' If they were truly culturally aware, they would not have created such a culturally insensitive video."

Shamee L also posted LTD's Fall 2012 rush video, which shows a costume party where one fraternity member is in blackface and another is wearing a poncho and sombrero. Screen grabs here and after the jump.

Here's Uncle Jemima...

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