Huge Decline in LA County Porn Shoots is Not Orange County's Gain ... Yet

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A Los Angeles County law requiring the use of condoms in porn shoots is being blamed/credited for a migration of adult productions elsewhere--although not, apparently, to adjacent Orange County.

Ventura County, where new development foes have moaned about not wanting to become the next (nearly built out) Orange County, is now reportedly dealing with the deafening moans and groans of porn stars.

Film permits issued for X-rated films in LA County have dropped this year to almost zero, reports the Los Angeles Times, which hears "I told you so"s from San Fernando Valley porn producers who'd warned the rubber requirement would put a major dent in the local economy.

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Supe Nelson
That's apparently been Ventura County's gain, but not Orange County's, at least according to Shawn Nelson, the OC Board of Supervisors chairman.

"It's not something that has come up," Nelson (obviously unaware of the porn-related image that remark evokes) reportedly told the Times.

Regulating porn shoots should they, uh, come is not "something I care about," added Nelson, a limited-government advocate.

So, come on down, skeevy porn producers!

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